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Traditional solutions for baking bread include:

  • The Outback Oven Ultralite. A bit of a misnomer.
  • A pot within a pot. The outer pot may be dry or have water in it to create steam.
  • Bannocks cooked in a fry pan or skillet.

Each of these methods work but require cooking equipment of significant weight. This article presents a novel method for baking bread that requires a minimal amount of equipment in addition to a suitable stove and pot: the 'Oven Bag Oven'. Instead of putting an oven bag inside an oven, the oven bag becomes the oven.


  • Introduction
  • The Oven Bag Oven
  • Stove
  • Pot
  • Oven Bag
  • Heat Deflector
  • Cooking Method
  • Recipes
  • No-knead Bread
  • Soda Bread
  • Fruit Scone

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