This mini-review is part of Part 2 of our survey of airmats. We have a number of Therm-a-Rest mats here: the ProLite series, the NeoAir series, and just for reference an older model no longer available called the Deluxe LE (Limited Edition). The Deluxe mats have supported Roger and Sue Caffin for many years in the snow, and serve as a sort of benchmark for comfort and warmth. (You might note that we frequently abbreviate the company name to TaR. They are after all a major player.)

It should be noted that the mats shown on the Cascade Designs Therm-a-Rest web site are apparently updated versions for 2011, and the names may have changed slightly. We doubt the properties have changed much though.

By and large the Therm-a-Rest mats do not include a repair kit: a kit is sold separately. Summarising from an email from Cascade Designs: 'it is called the Therm-a-Rest Fast & Light Repair kit, and is suitable for repairing any of the mattresses in the Fast & Light line. It includes Seamgrip adhesive, applicator and Fast & Light color patches. The retail price is US$9.95.' Perhaps their statistics suggests that few people ever need a repair kit? I have never needed one myself, and there are good general purpose patches available as well.

It may be worth mentioning here that while I have heard of customers returning their Therm-a-Rest mats to Cascade Designs seeking assistance with leaks, the general experience has been that the company has no hesitation in replacing a mat if they think it will help the customer. With support like this, one has to feel fairly confident (and they get very good PR out of it as well).


  • Introduction
    • ProLite Mats: XS and S
    • R-Value
    • Slipperiness
    • NeoAir mats
    • R-Value
    • Slipperiness
    • Deluxe LE mats
    • R-Value
    • Slipperiness

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