Ultralight, Ultradurable, Ultracheap: A Backpack Made From Car Airbags

Greg Perhson details the process of creating your own, lightweight (19.5 oz), MYOG backpack from vehicle airbags!

MYOG Ultralight Fastpacking ‘Tivy’

Step by step instructions on how to construct my MYOG tivy model and videos and pictures of it in use.

MYOG: Seam Construction and Taping of New Dimension-Polyant Fabrics

This article presents the results of some cursory material construction tests using the newer Dimension-Polyant (DP) fabrics from the LS, VX, and WX families, as well as seam-taping using DP-supplied seam tapes. The context here is MYOG/DIY backpack construction.

MYOG Synthetic Fill Vest (Make Your Own Gear)

Step by step guide on how to MYOG synthetic fill vest. This is an easy first project if you are interested in making synthetic clothing.

DIY Ultralight Backpack: My Search for a Perfect Pack

After trying several commercial backpacks, I made my own DIY ultralight backpack so I could have the features I like.

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