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My favorite activity in my professional life is showing others the majesty and beauty of Montana's wilderness, and teaching -- empowering -- them with ultralight backpacking skills. Sharing a trekking experience with somebody else, and together, weaving an artistic route across a wild Montana landscape keeps me energized to continue learning and experiencing wild places. I hope I can walk Montana's trails into a very old age!

Our 2012 Ultralight Backpacking Boot Camps are being held in the Anaconda-Pintler Wilderness. We selected the "AP" this year for a number of reasons:

  1. Scenic beauty;
  2. Good fishing;
  3. Opportunities to travel along the Continental Divide Trail;
  4. Remoteness, and lack of people;
  5. Ecosystem diversity.

Here is a handful of photos from our 5-day, 50-mile September trek that I hope will reflect the majesty of the AP, see the end of this essay for my gear list on this trek.


  • Ryan's Gear List

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