Podcast Episode November 2, 2022

Episode 70 | Fall Backpacking & Cold Feet



In today’s episode of the Backpacking Light podcast, we’re going to talk about how to mitigate cold feet during fall-season backpacking conditions.


In this Episode:

  • How does backpacking change after the fall equinox?
  • What causes cold feet while hiking and backpacking?
  • Why is it so hard to keep your feet warm while backpacking in cold temperatures?
  • Physiology of foot warmth while hiking vs. in camp.
  • Challenges for backpackers with Raynaud’s Disease.
  • Strategies to mitigate cold feet – on the trail vs. in camp.
  • Stream crossings in the summer vs. fall.
  • How to mitigate cold feet with impermeable layers (“bread bags”).
  • Evaporative cooling and heat loss from the foot.
  • The role of waterproof-breathable shoes.
  • How to keep the blood warm in vessels through the ankle.
  • How to prevent socks from wicking cold moisture down into your shoe.

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  • Backpacking Light - Executive Producer
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  • Chase Jordan - Producer
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