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Course Details

Ryan designed this program specifically for helping hikers prepare for challenging treks that might be longer duration, longer distance, difficult terrain, mountainous, and/or in more inclement conditions.

  • Duration: 3 hours 45 minutes of video content (see curriculum below)

Also Included:

The Trip Planner Spreadsheet Application

The Trip Planner Spreadsheet is available to all Masterclass participants for download and modification for their own use. In addition, the master copy will be available for commenting and discussion with Ryan.

Course Notes

  • Detailed course notes with gear commentary, research notes, and links to gear featured in the course (includes both downloadable PDF and HTML versions).

Slide Deck

  • Downloadable (PDF) and printable slide deck with 80+ slides that you can print and take notes on during the course.
You'll be able to download the slide deck.
This masterclass includes 80+ information-packed slides. You’ll be able to download the PDF version of the entire slide deck so you can print it out and take notes during the masterclass, or study it in more detail, like a good student!

Unlimited Membership Discount

  • Unlimited Membership discount code in case you decide to become an Unlimited Member – your entire course enrollment fee can be applied towards an Unlimited Membership.

The Masterclass Addendum Email Series

The Masterclass Addendum is a series of six lessons, delivered via email daily starting 24-48 hours after you register. These lessons contain additional education expanding on some of the key areas we address in the masterclass:

  • Trip planning
  • Dyneema Composite Fabrics
  • Down vs. synthetic insulation
  • Calorie energetics
  • Cooking systems and strategies for inclement weather
  • Tying it all together (seeing it in action – videos)

Build a Fire Like a Boss

how to build a fire.
Ryan’s reputation for firebuilding is unparalleled. If you need to know how to build a fire using wet wood during a rainstorm, you’ll learn how in this masterclass.

Course Curriculum

Module 1

Masterclass Video (Lightweight Backpacking in Inclement Conditions)


  1. Introduction and overview of lightweight backpacking philosophy and principles
  2. Backpacking gear for inclement fringe-season conditions, off-trail, high mountain, remote environment
  3. The Relationships Between Route Planning, Training, and Food Requirements
  4. Gear Previews of New Gear of Interest to Fringe Season Backpackers
  5. Q&A