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In Part 3, I present gear lists to attain base weights of 5, 6, and 7 pounds (2.27, 2.72, and 3.18 kg) to demonstrate what is possible within each weight constraint. My focus is on base weight gear only, which is your complete backpacking kit exclusive of items worn or carried and consumables like food, water, and fuel. The amount of consumables depends on trip length, so a calculated weight for these items can be added to each base weight to obtain the total pack weight. To satisfy the gear list purists, I will also provide a list of items worn or carried, which will be added to each base weight. The totals of the three will provide my full skin out weight.


  • Introduction to Part 3: M-SUL Base Weight Gear Lists
  • Weight of Consumables
  • Weight of items worn or carried
    • Use Your Computer to Plan and Assemble Gear Lists
  • Five Pound Base Weight
    • Consider No-Cook for Simplicity and Weight Reduction
  • Six Pound Base Weight
  • Seven Pound Base Weight
  • Summary and Conclusions
  • Preview of Part 4

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