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How the average hiker or backpacker can add multi-day ski trips to their repertoire of backcountry travel

  • For the novices to people with some Nordic (XC) ski experience
  • Most efficient method for skiing in rolling terrain with little avalanche hazard
  • Lighter and less expensive gear
p>The purpose of “Part 1: Basic Nordic Back Country skiing” is to:

  • Inspire you to start exploring the backcountry on skis!
  • Help you understand that skiing is the most elegant method of snow travel— faster and more efficient than snowshoes!
  • Help you appreciate the main purpose of BC skiing: to safely experience the splendor of the winter landscape. And you get to enjoy it in near solitude—away from the craze of summer crowds.

Multi-day backcountry ski strips are within the ability of the average backpacker. With the right equipment and the right terrain, it can be as easy and pleasant as a summer backpacking trip. Skiing is the most elegant and efficient way to get from point A to point B in the snow. And there is absolutely no requirement that you hurtle down precipitously steep slopes (a common misconception of backcountry skiing).


    • Part 1: Basic Nordic Backcountry Skiing
    • Part 2: Advanced Nordic - Ski Mountaineering on UL Tele Gear
  • Part 1: Basic Nordic Back Country skiing
    • Explanation of Nordic, AT (Alpine Touring), and Tele (Telemark) Ski Equipment
      • Nordic Touring Skis
      • Nordic Backcountry Skis
      • Alpine Touring (AT) and Telemark (Tele) Skis
      • Other Considerations for BC Skiing
      • Backcountry Ski Width Considerations
      • Integration of your ski kit with your other winter backpacking gear
      • Summary for Part 1: Basic Nordic BC skiing

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