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This mini-review is part of Part 2 of our survey of airmats. We have two thin closed-cell foams (CCF) mats here: a (grey) Gossamer Gear Thinlight mat nominally 1/8" (~3 mm) thick and a (blue) generic EVA 30 mat about 4 mm (0.16") thick.

Neither of these mats is intended as a sleeping mat by itself. They have two purposes: to supplement a conventional mat when the season gets cold, and to line the floor of a tent when (say) camping on snow. As such we have not measured their R-value in isolation; rather we have measure the R-values when used as an overlay on top of a smooth cored-foam mat and when used as an overlay over an air-core mat. The results do depend on what sort of mat is underneath the foam.

If you want to use one of these mats just by itself you can use the R-values for the smooth mat case as indicative.


  • Introduction
  • Foam Mats
  • R-Value Discussion
  • Slipperiness

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