Flash Reviews No. 2: Deuce of Spades, Helinox Ground Chair, and Vargo vs. MSR Pot Lifters

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    Ryan Jordan


    Locale: Central Rockies
    Joel Benford


    Locale: Surrey flatlands, England

    The community is judging you. It is judging you hard.

    Man, that chair looks comfy.

    Ken Thompson
    BPL Member


    Locale: Right there

    All supplied links do not work. Broken compass message.

    No photo of the MSR pot lifter seems weird.

    Chair looks almost comfy. Not as comfy as a hammock, but…

    David White
    BPL Member


    Locale: Midwest

    I'm lucky enough to own and have used 2 out of the 3 products in the review.

    The Deuce of Spades really is an excellent product and easily replaced the snow stake I used before. Why? It's lighter, it fits conveniently into the same bag I put my TP in, and it "cuts" the earth better than the stake ever did. Really a nice product.

    I know I'll get grief about it; but I LOVE my Ground Chair. I'm old enough that I'm now getting senior citizen discounts regularly and I have a "twitchy" back that causes me a lot of problems. This chair helps a lot.

    I previously used an Alite Mantis; but the legs had a tendency to sink into the earth (usually only on one side so that I ended up tipping over). The design of the Ground Chair makes it only sink a little bit before it stops.

    On the down side, it sits so low to the ground that it does require a bit of technique to get in and out of it easily. Once the technique is down you'll have no problems.

    I'd skip the chair and it's associated weight if I was planning to hike all day long. But if I'm going to spend any time in the campsite, then this chair is going with me.

    In closing, I'm really enjoying the new BPL features: Flash Reviews and the new News Digest. Great features that helped convince me to re-up for a membership after several years absence. Thanks guys!

    Jeffs Eleven
    BPL Member


    Locale: NePo

    When are we gonna see the review of the Little Deuce Scoop?
    It'll dig a hole in the Deuce of Spades.

    …Deuce of Spades…. Bah!

    Matt Karlgaard
    BPL Member


    Locale: North Central Minnesota

    Another, lighter option is a hammock. It can be used as an upright chair or a recliner. I have the 7 oz grand trunk nano 7. With my homemade straps + paracord the setup is <11 oz. I still prefer to sleep on the ground at night, but overall my weight is about the same as it would be if I had a hammock sleep system set up. I'm going to take a 3-4 day trip this fall and will bring it along for the first time on an ultralight trip. We always bring our ENO doublenest (slightly heavier setup) when I go with my wife and/or kids on a canoe or hiking trip and it is very popular!

    Jenny A
    BPL Member


    Locale: Front Range

    I had a chance to lay hands on the Deuce of Spades at our local hardware store. Impressively light and seems plenty up to the task it's designed for. I'll probably end up buying one. But I will still keep my original Sea to Summit "IPood" (now marketed as the Sea to Summit Pocket Trowel, hmm, bet some lawyers got involved with that one) just because I like the name!

    John Little


    Locale: Midwest

    Let us in on your latest total UL backpacking list. I seems my pack weight just won't go down and the thought of a chair makes me cringe. So what does your latest UL list look like with base weight?


    Chris C
    BPL Member


    Locale: State of Jefferson

    I see a chair AND an MSR Reactor in the picture, must have taken a pack mule to haul all that weight in to the backcountry….

    J David Sullivan
    BPL Member


    Locale: Deep South

    I'm old and don't have a great back. Twice I've thrown my chair on the top of my pack and have never been sorry. It's so good to relax around a fire–I mean really relax … I've fallen asleep in mine … but, then again, I'm old and drift off in the middle of conversations with Jeff. I'm not necessarily saying that he's boring, but he does tend to rattle on and on about the Little Deuce Scoop.

    Daniel D
    BPL Member


    Locale: Down Under

    Do I take it or not, depends on who I'm walking with and how far but this weekend it's going. My friends will be slow because they don't know how to travel light, so I'll be doing a bit of waiting/sitting along the way.

    Keith Selbo


    Locale: Northern Virginia

    the Coffey Chair uses trekking poles to keep weight down. I sit on my neo-air and use my pack for a backrest. The only added weight is a couple of ounces of rope in a loop that goes behind my pack and under my feet. I have to keep my shoes on though. Hammock is still the best when I use it. I especially appreciate hammock and tarp combo when it is raining. Sitting on the pack when it's stuffed with gear works pretty well for me on the trail.

    Always seem to be able to kick a hole with my heel faster than I can dig one with a trowel.

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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