This mini-review is part of Part 2 of our survey of airmats. It may be that Exped was the first to popularise the idea of a Down Air Mat, or DAM. Certainly many winter walkers have made known just how warm and comfortable they became when they accepted the weight penalty and bought one of these. The problem with DAMs is that blowing them up with your mouth puts moisture into the down, which is not a good thing. Exped solves this problem by including an internal pump in their DAM.

The SynMat is rather similar to a DAM in a way, in that it contains full-length insulation. However, unlike many other mats, which have a layer of synthetic insulation bonded just under the top surface, this one has the rather thin layer of synthetic insulation bonded at both top and bottom surfaces. This means it expands and fills the volume when the mat is inflated - a new idea, potentially rivaling down. The use of synthetic insulation means that any moisture getting in is unlikely to damage or shrink the insulation. If you use one of the Exped external pumps the whole problem of moisture is solved.


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