Doug Johnson
Doug Johnson joined in October 2003 and is both a reviewer and the Trekking Systems editor. He lives in Redmond, Washington, with his also-adventurous wife Amy. Doug is an...
Steve Nelson
Steve Nelson, Winter Systems Editor, has been backpacking and playing in the snow since he was a kid growing up in upstate New York. Now living in California, he backpacks...
Mike Martin
Longtime BPL Forum contributor Mike Martin joined the Backpacking Light staff in 2006 as Sleeping Systems Section Editor. Mike holds a Bachelors Degree in Engineering and currently teaches Engineering and...
Rick Dreher
Rick Dreher is interviewed by Bruno the Dalmatian. B. So, now that I’ve had my kibble (AGAIN with the kibble!) we can get down to business. Why backpacking? R. At...
Blake Morstad
Blake Morstad was killed in an avalanche on January 1, 2005, while backcountry skiing in Montana’s Centennial Mountains. Please visit the Blake Morstad Memorial at Blake Morstad recently graduated...
Ryan Jordan

Visit Ryan's Personal Website:

Carol Crooker

Carol Crooker, Backpacking Light Editor at Large

Alan Dixon

Alan Dixon, Backpacking Light Editor at Large

Jay Ham
Jay Ham started backpacking in 1990 and went lightweight in 1995. Wanting his children to experience and share in his love of the outdoors, he became obsessed with reducing the...

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