Andrew Skurka worked at Backpacking Light Magazine ( in Bozeman, MT during the Fall of 2005, and is now a part of Backpacking Light’s Ambassador’s Corps, a group of adventure athletes educating the outdoor community about ultralight backpacking techniques. He’s now embarked on a 120-stop Sea-2-Sea slide show tour throughout the U.S.

Skurka recently completed a 7,800-mile 11-month transcontinental hike on the Sea-to-Sea Route in July 2005, the first person to traverse the entire distance in a single push. The 24 year-old graduate from Duke University has also hiked the 478-mile Colorado Trail (15.5 days in June 2004) and 2,168-mile Appalachian Trail (93 days in 2003), which he started with a 50-lb pack. “I have come a long way,” he remarked. Skurka’s efforts on the C2C were noted by Backpacker Magazine, which named him their 2005 “Person of the Year.”