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Stoves are getting smaller and maybe more cute. Consistent with my previous comments about how leadership in the design of small stoves has moved away from the old 'big brands' to China, this little aluminum/titanium/brass BRS-3000T stove manages to be even lighter than all the rest, at just 24 g. Yes, I weighed it. In addition, it can be bought from a number of eBay web sites at well under US$20, posted to you. Does this trend mean trouble for the older Western stove companies, whose stoves are maybe 3 - 4 times heavier (and 3 - 4 times more expensive)? Maybe so - unless they resort to rebadging. But - does the stove work? Is it any good? We will take a quick look.


  • Overview
  • BRS?
  • Technical details
  • Testing
  • Caution
  • Summary
  • Features and Specifications

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