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Jon Fong

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Chief Innovator / Owner – FLAT CAT GEAR      “epic meals at awesome places”

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Currently status– almost semi-retired.

BSME – California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo

Several decades of experience in Research & Development in emerging growth technologies, Vast experience in InkJet Technologies, Implantable Biomedical devices and serval start up High Tech Companies.  Several years consulting start-up companies developing long term development strategies.

Several years spent at UCLA lecturing Engineering Design and Ethics by using the new product develop process as a teaching vehicle

Several years assisting in the Diversity Project @ UCLA – logistic support

Chief Innovator / Owner – Flat Cat Gear.  When we grow up, we hope to become a Cottage Industry.  We specialize in developing effective cooking systems that happen to be light weight.  Our motto is “epic meals, at awesome places”.  Are goal being to allow you to prepare whatever meals you want, wherever you happen to be located.  Our systems allow you to boil, simmer, fry and even dry bake.  We started out with Alcohol & Solid Fuel stoves and have recently migrated into canister topped stoves and Heat Exchange mug at the system level.