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This Asolo Plasmic Shoe review tests this rugged hiking shoe that performs well on rocks, scree, and in situations where a trail running shoe would be less than ideal. For ultralight hikers in rough terrain, it offers a good compromise between a more traditional boot and a trail running shoe.

Off-Trail, Schmidt Asolo Plasmic Shoe Review
The Asolo Plasmic Trail Shoe is ruggedly built and ideal for off trail hiking in rocky terrain.
Vibram Outsole, Schmidt Asolo Plasmic Shoe Review
The Vibram outsole on the Plasmics gives good traction on rocky terrain.


  • The uppers are a durable combination of leather and mesh.
  • There is a generous toe bumper of sticky rubber.
  • The foot box is relatively roomy.


  • Weight: 11 oz (311.8g; manufactured claimed)
  • Outsole: Vibram Rubber
  • Drop: Unknown but medium

Asolo Plasmic Shoe Review Performance

Field Testing

Scree Slope, British Columbia, Schmidt Asolo Plasmic Shoe Review
Slipping and sliding down a scree slope in British Columbia (which got steeper in a couple of places). Solid footing just did not exist here.  I was always sliding on rocks, jamming my feet between rocks, and starting rock slides where rocks rolled across my feet. In situations like this, a shoe with a protective upper is very helpful.

My only big trip with the Asolo Plasmics was an off trail “high route” in British Columbia and Alberta. I brought the Plasmics knowing I’d be climbing on rocks and sliding down scree slopes where not falling was more important than having a lighter trail shoe.

The trip involved lots of scree, and a couple of spots were about the worst I could remember. I slid on scree, slammed the side of my feet against rocks, and had rocks the size of footballs rolling across my feet. Overall it was a tough test for the shoes (and my feet).

I liked the Vibram outsole, traction on boulders, gravel, talus, scree and steep forest slopes was great. However, the top of the shoe was just as impressive. The stiff toe rand was perfect for preventing me from smashing up my toes on rocks. The rest of the leather upper did a great job protecting my feet as well. In many situations, things were so steep that the side of my shoe was digging into the slope as much as the outsole. That would grind up a mesh shoe and be hard on your feet. The Asolos handled it all just fine.

Performance Highlights

  • The Vibram sole is great on all kinds of rock surfaces from boulders to scree.
  • Traction in a forest environment is good.
  • The thicker upper was ideal for protecting my feet when I slid around on rocks or when I was crashing through downed trees in the forest.


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