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When GPS and smartphone navigation fails or is otherwise impractical, map and compass navigation can save the day. Add this critical skill to your outdoor toolkit.

Mastery of map and compass navigation can reduce your reliance on smartphone and GPS use. This saves batteries, makes you safer, helps you understand the fundamentals of navigation, and in many cases, is faster.

Keynote: An Introduction to Map & Compass Use (~40 minutes)

  • Terrain association
  • Fixing your position on a map without a compass using Lines of Position (LOPs)
  • The compass
  • Magnetic declination
  • Orienting a map
  • Using a compass to identify lines of position
  • Fixing your location on a map

Q&A (~ 20 minutes)

  • How to wander off-trail with and without a map and compass?
  • Best way to find your current map location on a trail while hiking?
  • How to account for constant changes in magnetic declination?
  • Differences between backcountry wilderness navigation for backpacking vs. competitive orienteering?
  • Resources for learning and practicing map and compass skills?
  • Best practices for learning map and compass skills near home?

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  • Event Description: An Introduction to Map & Compass Use
  • Livestream Date and Time: July 2, 2022 9 AM US Mountain Daylight Time (MDT)

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