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Interested in winter hiking and backpacking? In this webinar, learn how to use your existing kit, plus a few extra strategic items, to be safe and comfortable in the winter.

I’d really like to try winter hiking, but I don’t really want to purchase an entirely new kit of gear.

This is the number one barrier to hiking and backpacking in the winter. In this 2-part webinar series, we’ll explore each of the eight major gear systems and help you identify what gear you need, at the bare minimum, when combined with your existing kit, in order to be safe and comfortable in the winter.

Keynote: Gear for Winter Hiking & Backpacking (~55 minutes)

Part 1 (the previous webinar):

  • footwear and traction systems
  • shelter systems
  • sleep systems
  • clothing systems

Part 2 (this webinar):

  • packing systems
  • cooking systems
  • hydration systems
  • navigation systems

Q&A (~ 20 minutes)

  • TBA

About the Event & Access Info

  • Event Description: Winter Hiking & Backpacking Gear (Member Q&A)
  • Livestream Date and Time: Wednesday, December 21st, 2022, 7 PM US Mountain Time

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