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Interested in winter hiking and backpacking? In this webinar, learn how to use your existing kit, plus a few extra strategic items, to be safe and comfortable in the winter.

I’d really like to try winter hiking, but I don’t really want to purchase an entirely new kit of gear.

This is the number one barrier to hiking and backpacking in the winter. In this 2-part webinar series, we’ll explore each of the eight major gear systems and help you identify what gear you need, at the bare minimum, when combined with your existing kit, in order to be safe and comfortable in the winter.

Keynote: Gear for Winter Hiking & Backpacking (~45 minutes)

Part 1 (this webinar):

  • footwear and traction systems
  • shelter systems
  • sleep systems
  • clothing systems

Part 2 (the next webinar):

  • packing systems
  • cooking systems
  • hydration systems
  • navigation systems

Q&A (~ 30 minutes)

  • Day hiking vs. overnight backpacking during the winter?
  • Waterproof socks with trail running shoes?
  • Hacks to get myself out of my cozy quilt in the morning?
  • Strategies for doubling up sleeping pads using closed-cell foam pads and inflatable pads?
  • Where is a good place for winter backpacking for a seasoned backpacker who’s never gone in the winter?
  • How do you maximize FUN in the winter?
  • How to upgrade or extend a water-resistant bivy sack + full perimeter tarp combo for winter use?
  • How to manage condensation in a bivy sack during the winter?
  • How to deal with middle-of-the-night nature calls while sleeping in a bivy sack, especially if it’s raining or snowing?
  • Handwear systems to keep fingers warm, especially in camp – while maintaining dexterity without cold hands?
  • What about heated gloves, especially for photography?
  • Is there a way to move the dew point outside the sleeping bag if we only use one traditional winter sleeping bag?
  • How to use a portable battery pack to charge 7.4V batteries used in heated gloves?
  • How to fit Rocky Goretex socks properly?
  • How does ambient relative humidity influence condensation in winter vs. summer?
  • What type of shelter guylines for winter camping?
  • Comparison of fleece vs. high-loft insulation for winter backpacking?
  • How to stay comfortable in the high-humidity conditions of the US Northeast in winter conditions?
  • How to extend a 3-season inflatable pad to winter conditions?
  • Using Hydropel on feet during winter vs. summer?
  • Sleeping bag liners as part of winter sleep systems? Impact on dew point location?
  • Clothing systems for leg insulation while hiking and in camp? Role of long underwear (base layer), trekking pants, hardshell pants, and high-loft insulating pants?
  • Best guylines for deadman anchors? Polyester-sheath vs. Spectra/Dyneema?
  • Rectangular tarps vs. full-perimeter tarps for winter camping?
  • Base weight range for winter “lightweight” backpacking?
  • Vapor barrier clothes or bag liners for sleeping? Under what conditions?
  • Appropriateness of tarps for winter backpacking?
  • When do you recommend a Snowclaw shovel vs. a “proper” shovel for winter backpacking, camping, and avalanche rescue?
  • In a 2-layer sleep system, what about a down blanket used as an outer layer vs. a synthetic quilt?
  • Shelters and sleep systems for winter backpacking with a partner/as a couple?

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  • Event Description: Winter Hiking & Backpacking Gear (Member Q&A)
  • Livestream Date and Time: Wednesday, November 30th, 2022, 7 PM US Mountain Time

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