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When I was a young kid in a Seattle Boy Scout Troop in the early 1980s, we used the same blue tarps for camping then that I still use with my Scouts today in some contexts. That doesn't mean that today's technology hasn't progressed (resulting in lighter, stronger materials), it just means that tarp camping is still just tarp camping. Be careful not to overcomplicate it and introduce complexity that doesn't need to be there.


  • Reducing Complexity
  • Nature Weighs Nothing: Select a Sheltered Camp
  • Simplicity Breeds Adaptability
    • Table 1. Limitations of "Shaped" Tarps
  • Guylines and Stakes
    • Not Enough Stakes
    • Not the Right Type of Stakes
    • Fiddly Guylines
  • Adapting Guyline Configurations for Other Pitches
  • Guyline Diameter and Type
  • Tarp Materials
  • Conclusion

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