Tarptent Scarp 2 Tent Review

Although the Scarp 2 incorporates several weight-saving and space-making design elements to create a friendly, roomy, well ventilated, and stable tent for two campers, these benefits do not come without compromise.

Tarptent Double Rainbow Tent REVIEW

Introduces some major advancements in single wall tent design and provides user friendliness not seen before in a single wall tent, but there are a few details that could be refined.

Tarptent Contrail Tent REVIEW

Tarptent introduces the 1+ person Contrail, a throwback to the original minimalist Tarptent, but loaded with refinements and new design elements.

Tarptent Rainbow Tent REVIEW

This radically different Tarptent is destined for greatness, but needs a few refinements here and there.

Comparison Review of Tarps and Other Floorless Shelters
Overview The objective of this review is to provide an overview of the floorless shelters for lightweight backpackers. Herein, we review products from GoLite, Integral Designs, TarpTent, Oware, Granite Gear,...
TarpTent Virga, TarpTent Squall, and TarpTent Cloudburst

Henry Shires' TarpTents, including the solo Virga, the dual-person Squall, and the dual-person Cloudburst, offer simple setup and excellent stability in a package suitable for those who just aren't quite ready to migrate to an open tarp yet.

Catenary Curvature as an Element of Ultralight Tarp Design
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Lightweight Backpacking for Couples
Introduction Most of us do not venture into the backcountry alone. Sharing the outdoors with another person heightens our outdoor experience. That person can be a good friend, parent, brother,...

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