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Every time we walk out the door on a backcountry trip, we make choices: Where to go? How many days? How many miles? What gear and food to bring? How challenging will the trip be?

We explore how planning and choices can help you create a very personal trip, one that can be far more rewarding than blindly sticking to the trail and following generic "cook book" directions from a guide book. The greatest rewards come when you choose to get off the beaten path and build a personalized hike that mixes challenge and fun at whatever level works for you.

We address these questions:

  • How did we plan our ideal trip?
  • How did we choose a route that balanced challenge and fun?
  • Once we had a route, what about gear, food, clothing, etc.?
  • Finally, and most important, how well did we execute our trip plan in the field?

      • Introduction
      • Trip Planning
      • Route Selection
      • Detailed Route Planning
      • Route Planning Resources:
      • Trip Execution
      • Push to Summit Mount Sill - The First Four Days
      • Ionian Basin to Humphreys Basin - The Next Six Days
      • Over Wanda Pass and Out
      • Epilogue
      • A Few Gear and Food Challenges
      • Gear and Food Summary
      • Food and Bear Canisters
      • Food
      • Favorite Foods
      • Other Food Examples
      • Gear and Clothing for Cold Weather
      • Cooking and Fuel
      • Electronics
      • Other Electronics
      • Photographic/Video

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