Podcast Episode February 22, 2023

Episode 77 | Planning, Pooping, and Campfires (Backcountry Leave No Trace Challenges During the Winter)



In this episode of the Backpacking Light podcast, we’re going to examine some of the principles of Leave No Trace in the context of winter backcountry travel, with a focus on planning, pooping, and campfires.

In this Episode:

  • Introduction
  • Trail Days Online
  • Benefits of Winter Backpacking
  • Importance of Leave No Trace in the Winter
  • Seven Principles of Leave No Trace
  • Planning (Plan Ahead and Prepare)
  • Search and Rescue (Winter vs. Summer)
  • Winter is Not “Summer, But Colder…”
  • Fitness & Equipment for Summer Travel Isn’t Sufficient for Winter Travel
  • Carrying a Garmin inReach Does Not Replace Planning, Preparation, and Fitness
  • Pooping (Dispose of Waste Properly)
  • Catholes in Deep Snow and Frozen Ground
  • Snow, Runoff, and Water Contamination Issues
  • Packing Out Poop in the Winter: Gear and Skills
  • Campfires (Minimize Campfire Impacts)
  • Why We Have Wildfire Risk During the Winter Today
  • Marshall Fire Review
  • Mountain Wave Wind Events
  • Wet Spring, Summer Droughts, Dry/Cold Winters, Ignition Events, Winter Winds: The Perfect Storm
  • Ryan’s Trail Days Online Presentation: The Intersection of Recreation Impacts and Recreation Ecology

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  • Chase Jordan - Producer
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