The Paramo Socorro is a very light long-sleeve shirt designed specifically for ladies. The male equivalent is the Paramo Katmai. This review will specifically address the Socorro.

The Paramo Socorro is classified as a “Trek and Travel” style, and it is designed for warmer weather. Key details are as follows:

  • Button-down-front;
  • Hook & loop closures at the cuffs;
  • MSRP $100
  • Sizes available: XS, S, M, L, XL
  • Average weight (Women’s Medium): 5.3 oz (149 g)

At the time of review, the color and pattern combination shown below is the only one available for the Paramo Socorro.

Paramo Socorro
The Paramo Socorro, a women’s trekking shirt that weighs a paltry 5.3 ounces.

It offers increased wind and sun protection through a traditional-style collar, and has a UV protection rating exceeding SPF 50 meaning the shirt will block out virtually all harmful rays. The shirt has double buttons across the bust to prevent the exposure caused by a gap. It is designed to afford maximum freedom of movement with articulated shoulders. A center back pleat aids in movement and fit and the shirt also has a flattering scooped hem. It offers temperature control through a lightweight, flexible cuff closure, and low-bulk cuff allows the sleeves to be rolled up for cooling. It is made from a dense fabric weave and the shirt can be secured tightly using the cuff closure both of which aid in keeping insects out. Two spare buttons are provided. A discreet passport sized pocket is included, and there is a small, buttoned chest pocket to hold credit cards or train tickets. It is very quick and easy to wash and dry.

Paramo Socorro Performance

I gave the Paramo Socorro to Sue, my wife, to test; it wouldn’t fit me you see…the ladies’ fit was particularly noticeable. She rather liked it – so much so that she declined to wear it in the field, where it might get a bit hassled by the scrub. She said she preferred to wear it as a nice shirt when not in the field. She said the fabric and the shirt felt very comfortable.

The features listed by Paramo are all reasonable and seemed to be true despite the fact that some of them would be pretty stock standard for any ladies’ shirt. All in all the shirt worked just fine.

If you used this shirt travelling the quick wash and dry feature would be an asset. With the versatility afforded by the sleeves and buttons, we think it could be used across a reasonably wide temperature range.


The Paramo Socorro fits well and is cared for easily. Whether you would want to wear it in the field – that’s up to you. I can definitely see it being worn while travelling.

I am not sure how this fits in with the rest of Paramo’s ‘directional fabrics,’ but I wanted to share it as it could make a nice present.

Learn more at the official Paramo Clothing website.

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