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The web site specifications for these shoes contains the usual array of fancy marketing buzz word names for the various bits. Forgive me if I skip them. The rubber sole has fairly good lugs: you can see the pattern in the picture. While the lugs are not all that deep, I did find this rubber quite grippy - more than I expected. There is some cushioning in the sole to be sure, but not like the notorious 'air support' which usually means you lose all contact with the ground - and risk spraining an ankle. The inner sole and footbed are fairly flat, which is wonderful. No, these shoes do not feature that appalling concept of 'arch support', so they should be good for long distances with minimal foot fatigue.

The upper is advertised as seamless, and it does look seamless. This probably makes it easier for the XCR membrane inside to keep the water out - it worked for lots of wet grass during autumn field testing, anyhow. There is a bit of plastic embossing on the outer fabric ('Go-Fast' stripes?), but it seems to be very well stuck down - or molded in more likely. The fabric does not abrade very easily: it hasn't shown any signs so far.


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