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An ultralight sleeping bag in the 20 to 25F (-7 to -4 C) range is a good choice for backpacking in the shoulder seasons, and a good mountain summer bag for cold sleepers. If you were to buy just one ultralight sleeping bag, one in this range would be ideal for many hikers because it keeps extra weight to a minimum while providing extra warmth. Montbell, a leader in down-insulated garments and sleeping bags, has introduced the Down Hugger 900 #2 for spring 2014. As the name implies, its insulated with 900 fill-power down and features Montbell's Super Spiral Stretch System (described below) which contracts the bag around your body and expands to provide loads of girth when you need it.


  • Introduction
    • Specifications and Features
  • Description
  • Field Testing
  • Comparisons
  • Evaluation

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