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As much as my previous Notes from the Field: Hidden Lakes trip was defined by a warm, Indian Summer, my recent backcountry hunting trip was defined by colder temperatures and the onslaught of winter. I went on a solo backcountry hunt in Southwest Montana in Forest Service Land near the Hyalite Reservoir. I left during the mid-afternoon and returned the following day by noon. I was fortunate to have my friend Scott along for the first part of the expedition. In all, I hiked about 7 miles total; 3 on the first day and 4 on the second day. The lowest elevation point on the trip was about 6400 feet and the highest point was about 8000 feet. Doing a hunting expedition combined with an overnight stay forced me to challenge myself by looking for new ways to modify ultralight kit. Hunting is just another excuse to get outside and fits nicely in the niche between summer adventures and skiing. Hunting is a unique way to see the landscape as it changes your objectives around and forces you to evaluate your gear and the techniques you use to explore an area.
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