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Jetboil hacks to save weight have been around since the stove was introduced. Most of them have focused on replacing the stock lid with something lighter, removing excess plastic parts from the stock stove burner, or replacing the burner entirely with a sit-on-top style canister stove. Hacking an already-light Jetboil Sol Ti can get you into the range of six ounces or lighter. Now, we have a commercially available option from Ruta Locura.

This is a review of the Jetboil Stove Kit manufactured and distributed by Ruta Locura designed to reduce the weight of the Jetboil Personal Cooking System (PCS) by about three ounces. For the purpose of this review, I will be reviewing the kit as an upgrade to the Jetboil Sol Ti, which is the lightest model in the Jetboil PCS series.


  • Introduction
  • h2*Specifications
  • Upgrading the Jetboil Sol Ti: Weight Savings
  • Usability Assessment
  • Performance Assessment
  • Summary
  • Disclaimer

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