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Active Engineering LLC, a Washington based company, manufactures the JakPak that it describes as a jacket with a three-season tent and sleeping bag. A more accurate description of the JakPak is a raincoat weighed down with:

  1. A half-length bivouac (which combines with the jacket to form a full length shelter);
  2. A tarp with mosquito netting;
  3. A suspension system.

The suspension system ensures that the JakPak rides comfortably and consists of two 1.5-inch wide elastic suspender straps. These straps connect to the interior of the jacket near the shoulder blade. The suspenders have clasps at the end for connecting to one's waistband. There are also sliding buckles for tightening and loosening the suspension system (see first photo).


  • Introduction
  • Specifications
  • Quantitative Gear Rating
  • Analysis and Testing
    • Analysis
    • Testing
  • What I Liked
  • What I Disliked
  • Final Comments

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