The Hyperlite Mountain Gear REpurpose water bottle is a recycled aluminum bottle developed with the lightweight outdoor community in mind. Thoughtfully crafted by the only metal bottle manufacturer in the US, carrying this bottle not only lightens your load, but it also reduces your carbon footprint and gives back to the community.

This single-walled bottle weighs only 5.8 ounces when empty and 32 ounces when full. The REpurpose bottles comes with a dual-loop, quarter-twist cap that makes it easy to attach, seal, and keep track of with minimal effort when you are out and about. Made with fully repurposed materials, this durable bottle can be recycled even after it has lived its last day on the trail with you.

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Features and Specifications


  • Made in Washington State, USA
  • Baked on, BPA-free TrueShield food grade coating inside and out
  • Quarter-twist cap with double loop attachment points
  • Bottle and cap are fully recyclable
  • Smooth (white) or textured grip (black) finishes available


  • Material (bottle): Repurposed Aluminum
  • White Bottle Weight: 0.36 lbs, 5.80 oz, 165g
  • Black Bottle Weight: 0.36 lbs, 5.90 oz, 167g
  • Height: 10 in, 25.4 cm
  • Diameter: 3.18in, 8.08cm


I found this bottle after a (surprisingly difficult) search for a metal bottle under 6 ounces to replace my plastic water bottle habit. Of course, a disposable plastic bottle is the holy grail go-to for the ultralight community, but I wanted to lessen my footprint and move away from plastic in my consumables. The popular metal-bottle options can weigh up to about a pound when empty, and I wanted a metal bottle that weighed less than half of that. I finally found it in the Hyperlite Mountain Gear REpurpose bottle at a measly 5.80 ounces.

I was surprised by the REpurpose bottle’s lightweight feel (especially for a metal bottle). Every fellow hiker and coworker that’s taken an interest in it responds with a “Wow!” after picking it up. This bottle comes with TrueShield inside and out, a BPA-free, food-grade coating so no odors or tastes will transfer to or from the metal. It also makes it easy to clean. A quarter-twist cap (with double loop attachments that makes it easy to secure to your pack) shaves weight that would be added by a fully threaded twist cap.

Available in two finishes, white/smooth and black/textured, each has their own benefit. The white/smooth bottle is a tiny bit lighter for the self-proclaimed gram weenies out there, and the black/textured version offers a better grip and is less likely to slide out of your hand or pack pocket when out on the trail.

The lightweight trade-off for this bottle is the single-walled construction. The REpurpose is not insulated – it will hold boiling water but it will not protect your hands from the heat, or keep your ice cubes icy for 24 hours like the heavier insulated bottles are able to. The single-walled construction is more likely to sweat in the summer months and freeze when you’re out on the trail in winter.

Overall, Hyperlite Mountain Gear stayed true to their name with this lightweight bottle. Unless you have an external sleeve or insulation, it probably won’t replace your all-season double walled do-it-alls but might be a good option if you want to move away from plastics.

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