The ubiquitous ZPacks Duplex, perhaps the most popular ultralight trekking pole tent for modern-day thru-hiking, has more competition today than in years past. With new Dyneema Composite Fabrics shelters from Hyperlite Mountain Gear, Tarptent, Durston Gear, Gossamer Gear, and others, thru-hikers and other backpackers who care about their shelter weight have many more options to choose from today.

The following table compares several Dyneema Composite Fabrics shelters. All of them are two-person, side-entry, dual-vestibule tents that are pitched with two trekking poles.

Hyperlite Mountain Gear Unbound 2P24 oz$699
ZPacks Duplex19 oz$699
ZPacks Duplex Zip20 oz$699
Gossamer Gear the Two DCF21 oz$589
Durston Gear X-Mid Pro 2P20 oz$679
Tarptent Dipole 2 Li27 oz$799
Bonfus Duos 2P21 oz$739

* The Gosssamer Gear The Two DCF pricing was current as of fall 2022. However, that model is currently unavailable.

Two recently-introduced trekking pole tents include the Hyperlite Mountain Gear Unbound 2P and the ZPacks Duplex Zip. We have previously reviewed both of these shelters (Unbound 2P Review | Duplex Zip Review).

a couple of tents sitting in the middle of a forest
The Hyperlite Mountain Gear Unbound 2P and ZPacks Duplex Zip were tested side-by-side in a variety of (mostly very wet) weather conditions.

The Unbound 2P and Duplex Zip beg for a direct comparison. Both of them are six-panel, symmetrical designs with zip-access, side-entry storm doors, and both are generally pitched with a total of 8 tent stakes. They have similar footprints, similar weights, and offer similar levels of weather protection.

We pose a variety of questions about these two shelters and go into detail about a head-to-head comparison of them in the following video.

Watch the Video

YouTube video

Outline (clickable timecodes are available in the video description at YouTube):

0:00 – Coffee
0:25 – Why is the Unbound heavier than the Duplex/Duplex Zip?
1:02 – Which tent is more stormworthy?
2:02 – Any differences in condensation resistance?
2:45 – Which tent would you choose (Duplex vs. Unbound vs. Gossamer Gear Two)?
3:25 – Will the Unbound dethrone your Dipole Li as your DCF tent of choice?
3:55 – Interior door battle: rainbow zipper or D-zipper?
4:23 – Which tent has better guylines?
5:13 – What tent stakes do you recommend with these tents?
6:18 – Which tent has better interior organization/pockets?
6:38 – What about adding peak guylines for stormy weather?
7:08 – Fold and roll vs. stuff (storage)
7:20 – Best vestibule door zippers/guylines?
7:39 – What’s the better tent for 2 people?
7:50 – Privacy, connectedness to nature (canopy fabric differences)

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