Podcast Episode August 26, 2022

Episode 66 | Hiking Cameras: Compact, Durable, and Lightweight Cameras for Hiking and Backpacking


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In this skills short episode of the Backpacking Light podcast, Ryan and Andrew discuss ultralight cameras for backpacking. Today’s episode is very focused and short – just a quick list of a few lightweight cameras for backpacking that we’ve liked and used to get good results with backcountry photography.



  • 0:00:00 – podcast intro; Categories of small cameras
  • 0:01:56 – latest model smartphones
  • 0:06:02 – mid-sensor compact cameras
  • 0:08:39 – rugged compact cameras
  • 0:11:57 – action Cameras and the GoPro Camera
  • 0:14:43 – final thoughts: “The best camera is the camera you have with you and ready.”


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    Backpacking Light


    Locale: Rocky Mountains

    Companion forum thread to: Episode 66 | Hiking Cameras: Compact, Durable, and Lightweight Cameras for Hiking and Backpacking

    In this episode, Ryan and Andrew discuss some small, pocket-sized cameras for backpacking.

    Andrew Marshall
    BPL Member


    Locale: Tahoe basin by way of the southern Appalachians


    Matthew / BPL


    @ryan You mentioned that you are prone to breaking smartphone screens and that you have an iPhone 10x. The glass has improved substantially in later iPhone models. You will likely have a much better experience in that regard with your next smartphone model.

    Albert N
    BPL Member


    No mention of the Insta360 action cams like the One X2 or Go2? And what about drone photography? It seems it’s becoming more popular and the newer models pack so much more into a smaller and lighter package.

    Todd G
    BPL Member


    I would add a couple cameras in there. Canon makes exceptionally light smaller format cameras with the m100 and m200 at around 300 grams which is appealing if you want a larger sensor and more lens options than a point and shoot. The Sony a7c is also overlooked. It is the lightest full format camera to my knowledge and not much of a sacrifice compared to some of the other Sony alpha series if you want the detail and breadth of full format. It doesn’t qualify as light per say but is more compact and light than the alternatives fwiw.

    John S.
    BPL Member


    Currently using an iphone SE, first gen. It’s good enough for me ; ).

    Jeffrey H
    BPL Member


    The thing about iPhones and water is that they are water “resistant” and you CAN potentially get away with putting them underwater but apple doesn’t recommend this or warranty damage done by putting a phone underwater. Especially don’t do this if the phone has ever been worked on (battery replacement or screen replacement) since this breaks seals that keep it “waterproof”. https://www.macrumors.com/2022/02/03/apple-did-not-mislead-about-water-resistance/

    BPL Member


    I’m considering to buy a drone. The smallest and lightest with tracking function is the DJI Mini 3 Pro. My only concern is that being so lightweight, it will be difficult to fly it in the alpine, where wind is pretty common.

    DWR D
    BPL Member


    Many parks do not allow drones. And I hope to never hear that noise when I am out backpacking. Consider others’ peace and quiet, please.

    John S.
    BPL Member


    Phil Jones used an insta360  go2 on his tour divide race.

    YouTube video

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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