We review here three GoLite shoes. Note that GoLite Footwear is a separate company from GoLite outdoor equipment and apparel, with a separate website.

  • Surge Lite: light mid-heights with a very different sole pattern and some leather trim.
  • Timber Lite: mid-height shoes with a rather high front, and some leather trim.
  • Carbo Lite: described as 3/4-height, but are actually low-cut.

The GoLite webpages for these shoes are all rather bare. The GoLite Footwear website has pictures and a size chart, and some icons for the marketing spin words used for the technology, but they have no obvious data on the weights, the fabrics used, what membrane if any is used, and so on. (If there is such data, it is too well hidden.) The Surge Lite page does not even show the soles.


  • GoLite
  • The Shoes
    • Surge Lite - 397 g (14.0 oz), US$120
    • Timber Lite - 425 g (15 oz), US$130
    • Carbo Lite - 360 g (12.7 oz), US$115

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