The Tarptent Dipole Li series of shelters are 2-trekking pole, 2-door, 2-vestibule, side-entry, A-frame style single-wall ultralight shelters. They feature:

  • A four-stake pitch that keeps the tent taut in mild weather with options to add two apex guylines and two end strut guylines to stabilize the tent in stormy conditions. No apex guylines needed when vestibule doors are open.
  • Two carbon end struts – 21 inches long but collapsible to 13 inches (yes, you can pack these sideways inside your pack!) create a more stable structure and provide much better livability than traditional A-frame style trekking pole tents.
  • Wide, long footprint – wide enough for WIDE sleeping pads and long enough to accommodate users taller than 6’6″.

See our review of the Tarptent Dipole 1 Li and Dipole 2 Li.

Available in 1P and 2P models.