The Tarptent Dipole 1 DW is one of the few ultralight, trekking-pole supported shelters with solid fabric interiors that could actually be used in snowy conditions and cold temperatures.

The end strut system and two-trekking-pole symmetrical design makes the Dipole 1 DW highly wind-resistant, and capable of withstanding moderate snow loading.

The (mostly) solid-fabric interior means you’ll enjoy interior temperatures that are 7 to 12 degrees warmer than outside temperatures (we’ve verified this in a wide range of conditions).

Consider the Dipole 1 DW for near-the-treeline locations (this is not an alpine mountaineering tent) where you’re expecting legitimate winter conditions with moderate snowfall, wind, and cold.

(For summer conditions and warmer seasons, you can opt for a full-mesh inner tent, too!)