What shelters do you own, and do you have a favorite?

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    My primary tent is an X-Mid Pro 2. I also have a Six Moon Designs Refuge I keep to loan out, and an older Tarptent Rainshadow for sharing with another person. Finally a Golite Shangri-la 3 I use for car camping. It doubles as my shelter for late season trips/weather, with a bathtub floor instead of the inner tent, and a carbon fiber trekking pole jack instead of the heavy center pole.

    Brad Rogers
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    Locale: Southeast Tennessee

    <p>I probably don’t even want to think about it…..</p><p>I have a Gossamer Gear Spinnshelter and Alpinelite (now Yama) Inner-net – This was my go to shelter for years, and though I’ve long since moved on, it’s seen a lot of use and holds sentimental value.</p><p>I have a Golite Shagri-la 2.  I bought this one on clearance CHEAP and have used it some, but not recently. </p><p>I have a MLD Duomid DCF with Sil Solomid XL inner.  I really like the Duomid, but haven’t used it in a few years and probably ought to sell.   </p><p>I have a Tarptent Statospire 2 – bought used for my wife and I to use on a trip a few years ago – the trip never happened so I’ve never used it.  I should probably sell it. </p><p>For car camping and some backpacking with the kids I have a Golite Shangri-La 5 with both the Golite Inner and a BearPaw half inner.  I haven’t used it in a few years, but it fills a nice niche. </p><p>Recently my go to has been a Massdrop (Durston) X-Mid 1P.  It’s not perfect (though I think the v2 fixes some of the issues) but it’s a well thought out shelter that checks a lot of the boxes for me.  I’ve used it on every trip the past four years and it’s not let me down, so I guess it’s my current favorite. </p>

    Daniel C
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    Gear Swaps are addictive… I’m a sucker for a deal. I’ve probably been doing more buying than using :(

    Klymit Maxfield 4P 5.5lbs – A really neat tent, use this for me and my 2 kids. Can get a queen size air mattress and a 25″ pad in there for car camping trips

    North Face Mica 2P 2.9lbs – My transition closer to UL. Son uses this mostly for Scouts now

    BA TigerWall UL1 36 oz – my first UL tent. Probably relegated to winter camping when possibility of snow since its double wall

    Gossamer Gear The Two 28oz – May be selling this, great tent but I’ve been eyeing up a good deal on a duplex

    Hexamid Twin ~19oz – just got this a couple months back for a steal. First DCF tent, which I think made me finally commit to getting a Duplex.

    (Inbound) Duplex Camo – maybe this is the one that stops me from scouring the gear swaps for an ‘upgrade’


    Zack L
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    I have way too many too I suppose.

    MLD eVent Bivy (least used, my tarp is large enough I typically forgo the bivy)

    BPWD 10’x10′ silny tarp (my only shelter for a long time, now it’s typically a group shelter or for fall trips.

    MLD silny Duomid (my most used and favorite. Have an inner for buggy weather)

    SO LBO (my group shelter and hot tent, although looking to sell to a larger mid)

    XMid 2P (for when I go with my girlfriend)

    REI Half Dome + (for car camping with my girlfriend when I need a freestanding option, but worn out and ready for retirement)

    Diane “Piper” Soini
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    Locale: Santa Barbara

    I have too many because I am averse to selling anything.

    I love all these shelters. I like tarps better than tents.

    Of my two tents, I never felt tent envy with my One until the Skyscape Trekker came along. The Trekker is my favorite tent but technically it belongs to my boyfriend. Neither of these tents are available with the same design and fabrics anymore.

    If I had to buy new I’d get a Gatewood Cape which I would sew on netting around the edge to revive the Wild Oasis I always wanted and never bought. Or a Lunar Solo which looks the most like my original GG One.

    Of the tarps I think the Gossamer Gear Twin is the best of the bunch. I slept dry and comfortable on many nights of rain under it. I used it for Montana/Idaho CDT. Packs small, very light for how large it is. I recommend it highly and will never part with it. Best $140 I’ve ever spent on gear.

    BPL Member


    Locale: The West is (still) the Best

    Right now it’s just the Yama Cirriform 1 in silpoly with matching inners (net tent or 1 of the bivies).  Pretty good but I’m tall enough where I need to wait to inflate my Xlite if I’m doing stuff inside.  Some other hikers remarked they don’t see how my 6 foot frame gets in there, but it’s been working out once the trekking pole height gets established.

    Another hiker said his Cirriform took a beating with no problems on wind- hammered Mt San Jacinto, along with a bit of snow load so that’s good to here.

    That said many times I wish for a true pyramid tarp (my Deshultes Plus handled Mt San Jacinto winds with no problem .. and it was like I’d be crying over DCF if there was).  A bit too small though so I sold it.  Miss the one pole set up though and pretty unique zipper/door/pole insert system (note I prefer handles up into the shelter to keep handles away from salt craving rodentia), … along with how it works with the tensioned perimeter net when it’s all “zipped up”.

    Was contemplating an Altraplex but a 6 ft tall woman who set hers up near mine one night at Cascade Locks (OR) marina camp said sometimes she needs to pull the side so her feet do not contact fabric (she had an Xlite fwiw).

    Once I return to hiking the Southern Rockies area down to central NM again (after these long trips)? Probably the MLD Solomid XL (no inner, maybe a perimeter net) .. see how the thicker Xlite plays with it dimensionally.

    Daryl and Daryl
    BPL Member


    Locale: Pacific Northwest, USA, Earth


    The REI description of the Tiger Wall says the canopy is “Breathable ripstop nylon/polyester mesh”.

    But the photo looks like mosquito netting, not a solid fabric.

    How would you describe it?

    Phong D
    BPL Member


    Someone mentioned a solid inner.  I gave away my old Clip Flashlight that had a partial solid inner and I miss the warmth too!

    I think they have 7d solid material now that is lighter than mesh.  I would expect solids to make a comeback because if you can have a little warmth, why not?

    1. Homemade Shaped tarp with zipper that the cat ate.  Fail.
    2. Homemade bivy that weighed a pound.  Fail.
    3. Nemo Hornet 1 p.  This thing is great.  No brains required.
    4. Tarpent Notch. Also great.
    5. REI 2 person for when the lady comes along.
    6. MLD Doumid with perimeter netting paired with MLD bivy when its nice out.
    Daniel C
    BPL Member


    I think they are referring to the wall portion of the bathtub floor as the rip stop nylon and then the polyester mesh (bug netting) for the majority of the walls.

    Daryl and Daryl
    BPL Member


    Locale: Pacific Northwest, USA, Earth



    BPL Member


    Locale: Cascadia

    The Altaplex tarp (0.75 dcf) has been a sleeper for me, both figuratively and literally. Didn’t expect it to be so awesome. My Altaplex tent is also awesome, but not as versatile.

    The amazing amount of space the Altaplex tarp provides inside is darn close to a 2 person tent for smaller people. At less than 10 ounces!

    Also, the ability to loosen or tighten most of my guy lines, from inside the shelter by reaching under the canopy, is tremendous when I’m already in bed and it’s snowing or raining. I can raise and lower the entire shelter, without ever getting out of it. Just absolutely brilliant. Also nice being able to pitch it quick and then set up the inside out of the rain. I actually look forward to pitching the shelter, it’s actually fun to do!

    Also works great for winter camping on deep snow, as the shelter can be pitched to the ground and the snow dug out for massive amounts of room and customization of space.

    I was hesitant about buying such shelters, because on the surface they look complicated with so many guy lines, but in practice, pyramids pitch up and take down faster than anything I have ever used before. Not much fussing about at all. The Tarptent I had seemed like a more simple shelter with strut corners, but proved much more fiddly and annoying to pack up and down and was difficult to pitch on uneven ground, even in my yard.

    My Big  Agnes Copper Spur UL1 was used since 2012, but I never liked that stupid thing completely. Long tent poles are such a PITA when pitching in a tight spot between rocks and trees, and getting the inside wet while pitching in the rain. It was the warmest shelter I ever used though, so that was nice.

    BPL Member


    Locale: Arrowhead

    My go to tent is a Zpacks Duplex.

    My current list is:

    -Zpacks Duplex

    -Zpacks Triplex

    -HMG Ultamid 2 & Insert

    -MSR Hubba Hubba HP

    -Big Agnes Copper Spur HV UL4

    -Golite Shangri-la 5

    -Snowtrekker Basecamp 9’x11.5′

    -Kodiak Flex-Bow VX 10’x10′

    -Many cuben and silnylon tarps (Zpacks, MLD, Oware, Borah Gear, CookeCustomSewing) ranging 5’x7′ to 20’x20′.

    Jon Fong
    BPL Member


    Locale: FLAT CAT GEAR

    1 shelter: Big Agnes Copper Spur 3.

    John Vance
    BPL Member


    Locale: Intermountain West

    TNF VE-25  Yeah, not lightweight but luxuriously comfortable in the dead of winter and transported in a pulk.  It’s my third-ish.   VE-24 in ’77, VE-25 in ’94, and another VE-25 in ’22.   The latest replaced a Hilliberg that was nice but too big a footprint.

    DD X-Mid 1 & 2  Used when there’s going to be “weather”.

    Golite SLA1 with Yama bug bivy. Go to for solo and mostly sunny sky weather.

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