Tarptent StratoSpire Li vs Zpacks Duplex

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    Ryan Jordan


    Locale: Central Rockies

    I’ve used the X-Mid 2P, the SS Sil, the SS Li, the SD High Route, the HMG Dirigo, SMD Haven, GG Two, and the Duplex.

    SS Sil every time for wind. Close 2nd for the SS Li, if you pitch it properly.

    The X-Mid 2P and High Route can’t be pitched tight enough (really steep walls), and the Duplex needs some more cut and sew precision.

    If you need 1P, the TT Notch Sil.

    Otherwise, you need more structure than what a 2-trekking pole tent can offer, or you need to hunker down in the trees.

    None of these tents are awesome if winds are steady > 30 mph. Bring earplugs and use big stakes.

    Johnny Mikes
    BPL Member


    Locale: BC

    I was impressed with the SS Li in big winds this summer and agree with the immediately previous comment re needing substantial stakes and expecting a noisy night.

    FWIW, this is what I posted in the SS Li Review forum re wind performance this past August:

    “I was reluctant to provide comment until now as I hadn’t seen it perform in extremely high winds. Well, after this last trip, I can say that it it stood up to an absolutely pounding wind storm at 7300 ft with not a tree or bush in sight to block the wind. I don’t carry around a anemometer but gusts were strong enough to easily knock a standing man off balance. Even the 4 longer pegs I carry (MSR Cyclones) needed to have large boulders on them to keep them from pulling out of the ground but the tent hung in there. Sure, the fly moved around somewhat and the more extreme gusts would cause a whip-like “crack” noise (which the dog did not like one bit) but the tent held and stood. (One major gust early in the storm ripped out 3 pegs (pre-rocks being applied) and that caused the fly to move up and down fairly violently and one hiking pole came out of its pocket/grommet and punched a small (pencil width) hole in the fly but that was an easy, non-structural patch fix in the morning). When I examined the tent in the morning after the storm (with, to be honest, some trepidation as to what damage I might find) I was happy to be able to report that there was no damage (other than the aforementioned small puncture – which was due to my peg placement, not the tent’s design), separations or stitches torn – even at the guy-line/corner points which were taking the brunt.”

    Of course YMMV but again, no anemometer and I’ll never know for sure, but had I had an anemometer that night, readings of the stronger gusts reaching or exceeding 100 km/hr wouldn’t have surprised me in the least. Needless to say, it was a lousy sleep given the noise and gyrations but the SS Li stood.

    I know my MLD Supermid would have also held. We own a Triplex and it’s not been really wind been tested by me, but my gut says that it was really good we were not in it that stormy night.


    Eric Blumensaadt
    BPL Member


    Locale: Mojave Desert

    Stratospire, no question.

    Excellent build quality and excellent design. Henry Shires designs tents with innovation for both interior space and wind worthiness.

    Brad W
    BPL Member


    I can say with the Duplex, pitched, staked perfectly, in high winds. not only will the flapping sound get to you-earplugs are a must-but there is a buffeting happening that sounds like mini-sonic booms all night. This will lift your quilt off your body by a couple of inches as the pressure increases/decreases with a violence. It’s not fun.

    Sam Farrington
    BPL Member


    Locale: Chocorua NH, USA


    Peter C
    BPL Member


    After reading this hole topic (and watched a lot of reviews on YouTube) I’m decided to go for the SS Li…

    I’m very excited on getting one but unfortunately they’re out of stock until late July :/

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