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    Justin W


    Thank you for the more thoughtful and considerate explanation Dena, and for the more personally kind words. Yes, what you hypothesized, certainly can be true.  I do not know for certain.

    However, I don’t think the US military running remote viewing programs for so long, can be so easily explained away.   Nor my own repeat experiences.  Besides the two BPL experiments, I’ve done 3 other remote viewing type exercises.

    The first was at a metaphysical organization that ran free classes.  My then girlfriend (now spouse) and I decided to take one of the free classes on ESP.

    We were handed completely opaque envelopes and told there was a picture/image inside. Obviously we couldn’t open up the envelopes until the exercise was done. My S.O. and I sat next to each other.  We are one of those very close couples that are best friends, besides mates (and though we are not yet in our 40’s, we’ve been together almost two decades now).

    Anyways, I wrote down my impressions.  I kept getting an impression of a little circle, but not perfectly spherical, in the middle of the page, and with a very strong impression of BLUE everywhere.  Then, I also was getting impressions of speed and sensing something like long flowing hair and undulating, wavy, tall grasses.

    When we opened up our envelopes, I was quite surprised to see that I was apparently picking up info from both targets.  One picture of an an intensely blue eye in the middle of a pic, surrounded by all blue (slightly lighter shade).  The other one was of a herd of horses galloping in a field of tall grass. Their long manes flowing in the breeze, and the tall grasses undulating like waves was a prominent visual aspect of the photograph.

    The next RV experience was at The Monroe Institute where we took the Gateway Voyage program for part of our honeymoon.  During the program, we got a couple surprises sprung on us. We got taken to another building, not told why, and then watched a video of a former US military guy doing remote viewing for a Japanese t.v. show.  After, we were told we were going to do some of our own remote viewing.

    A group of 22 people, were all given the same random number sequence that symbolically connected to/represented to the target.  I got strong impressions of this large, but thin arch structure, impressions of water, buildings and a general city vibe.  After we finished, a picture was put up on a projector.  Our target had been the St. Louis Arch.   One of the women (I find women to often be much more intuitive than men), got even more specific hits on the target (I honestly don’t remember the details, but just  generally remember being impressed by her session because it was even better than my own).

    The real kicker in all this, was not even the above.  A day or two before this, during one of our “sound experiences” as the trainers there like to call it, we were doing a meditation and it was suggested that we ask 5 questions of our “guidance”.   I couldn’t think of anything, so I just asked, “please show me something that would be helpful to me and/or others?”

    When I got deep in the meditation, I got an out of the blue visual flash of an eagle, then immediately followed by an impression of a name that I was vaguely familiar with.  Then right after that, I got the impression of 3 colors (I think white, tan and brown).  Had no idea what any of this meant, if anything at all. Just decided to be open and hold it lightly so to speak.

    Fast forward again, we had just gotten the R.V. reveal of the St. Louis Arch. Then one of our trainers got up onto the stage and said, I have another surprise for you. I’d like to introduce my old friend. Then she looked towards the back of the large room, and there was standing a man.  It was the ex US military remote viewer in the video we had watched.

    But what really blew my mind, was that it was Joe McMoneagle, which is the name that I had received a day or two before.  More over, he was wearing those 3 colors.  And before meeting him in person, I thought his last name was pronounced literally like “Mc Mon Eagle” (turns out, it’s actually pronounced Mc Mon Agle).

    Mind meet C4 explosives.  I was completely blown away by the way beyond chance synchronicity of all this. The odds of this happening like this are just unbelievable.  I had no idea he attended these programs sometimes (it’s kept a secret). The whole RV thing was a surprise to begin with.

    Another one was a very minor one.  I was browsing youtube one day, and for some reason was curious if they had online video remote viewing tests. Searched and found one.  As soon as I clicked it, way before the reveal towards the end, I got the very strong impression of flower.   What was the target, well, a flower.

    Besides these remote viewing experiences, I’ve had countless non local/entanglement oriented experiences (and so hasn’t my spouse), from precognitive dreams that later happened tit for tat (one including some very odd and unusual experiences), out of body experiences.

    I’ve experienced so much verification over many years, it’s extremely hard for me to doubt it now.  Did I doubt it at first. Of Course!   That’s why I say, go out there and have your own experiences and gather your own, direct knowns.  That will be the only thing that will truly convince most people, like I had to have myself.

    Anyways, it’s very clear at least to self, that all this is far beyond anything purely biological, and that we will need a better understanding of physics and how consciousness relates to same.  There have been some hints here and there in Quantum Mechanics, such as non locality and entanglement, but it’s not yet integrated into a larger and over arching framework like it needs to be.

    I would just suggest, keep both open minded and skeptical simultaneously.  This reality just might be bigger than we currently conceive it.

    Either way, I suggest for navigation, I recommend primarily using the well known and tested methods like compass+map.

    Dan Y
    BPL Member


    The power behind Justin’s remote viewing is the same that influences the Ouija Boards. I know where that power comes from but will not divulge in fear of retaliation of the same kind the Justin is experiencing ;)

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    This article is about the spiritualist use of the ouija board. For other uses, see Ouija (disambiguation).
    Not to be confused with Ouida.
    Part of a series on the
    Original ouija board.jpg
    Original Ouija board created in 1894
    Main articles[hide]
    Astral projection Astrology Aura Bilocation Clairvoyance Close encounter Cold spot Conjuration Cryptozoology Demonic possession Demonology Ectoplasm Electronic voice phenomenon Exorcism Extrasensory perception Forteana Ghost hunting Indigo children Magic Mediumship Occult Orb Paranormal fiction Paranormal television Precognition Preternatural Psychic Psychic reading Psychokinesis Psychometry Remote viewing Retrocognition Spirit photography Spirit possession Spirit world Spiritualism Stone Tape Supernatural Telepathy Ufology
    Reportedly haunted locations:

    United Kingdom United States World
    Part of a series on

    Afterlife Spirit world Spirit guide Shamanism Animism Psychic Clairvoyance Paranormal Occult Ouija Parapsychology
    Portal Portals: Metaphysics · Occult
    The ouija (/ˈwiːdʒə/ WEE-jə), also known as a spirit board or talking board, is a flat board marked with the letters of the alphabet, the numbers 0–9, the words “yes”, “no”, “hello” (occasionally), and “goodbye”, along with various symbols and graphics. It uses a small heart-shaped piece of wood or plastic called a planchette. Participants place their fingers on the planchette, and it is moved about the board to spell out words. “Ouija” was formerly a trademark belonging to Parker Brothers, and has subsequently become a trademark of Hasbro, Inc. in the United States,[1][2] but is often used generically to refer to any talking board. According to Hasbro, players take turns asking questions and then “wait to see what the planchette spells out” for them. It is recommended for players over the age of 8 .[3]

    Following its commercial introduction by businessman Elijah Bond on July 1, 1890,[1] the ouija board was regarded as a parlor game unrelated to the occult until American spiritualist Pearl Curran popularized its use as a divining tool during World War I.[4] Spiritualists claimed that the dead were able to contact the living and reportedly used a talking board very similar to a modern ouija board at their camps in Ohio in 1886 to ostensibly enable faster communication with spirits.[5]

    The Catholic Church and other Christian denominations have “warned against using ouija boards”, holding that they can lead to demonic possession.[6][7] Occultists, on the other hand, are divided on the issue, with some saying that it can be a positive transformation; others reiterate the warnings of many Christians and caution “inexperienced users” against it.[6]

    Paranormal and supernatural beliefs associated with Ouija have been harshly criticized by the scientific community, since they are characterized as pseudoscience. The action of the board can be parsimoniously explained by unconscious movements of those controlling the pointer, a psychophysiological phenomenon known as the ideomotor effect

    Monte Masterson
    BPL Member


    Locale: Changes Often

    Keep in mind that the Gettysburg address is only 272 words long..

    When people post dozens of long, interminable diatribes that go on forever they are NOT being persuasive. The reader is only willing to digest a limited amount of information at any given time. When I see a long post the has as many words as War and Peace I just skip over it.

    I had an English professor who used to cross out 75% of the words I’d submit in my rough drafts. It really made me mad, but she did me a favor. She’d say “don’t bore the reader. Get to the heart of the matter and move on.”



    BPL Member


    “Get to the heart of the matter and move on.””

    But what if there’s no heart of the matter?

    I think that’s the point Ralph was trying to make…..

    I wish BPL would provide a way to ignore posts/threads from specific individuals – would make it easier than wading through piles of “dark matter” (I could use a more technical term…….)

    In any case, carry on.


    Bruce Tolley
    BPL Member


    Locale: San Francisco Bay Area

    54 posts on this subject???? wow


    Justin W


    I tend to think that today’s peoples super short attention spans is indicative of our increasingly fast food and instant gratification culture.

    Personally, when I come across a well written, holistic post by another person, I tend to get a little excited and think to myself,  “It’s not a dead art!  Yay!”  Because super short posts are far, far, far more common, and as we rely on and engage in texting, twitter, etc more and more, will become more and more common.  We are heading towards Idiocracy on so many levels.

    Whoever coined the saying, “brevity is the Soul of wit” was obviously covering up for being a poor writer..

    So pedestrian, Pedestrian. Btw, dark matter is one of those silly physics theories, that has even much less evidence to support it than things like nonphysicality. One of the ways you can tell the people who think for themselves, from those who don’t?

    Justin W


    My spouse has long worked in the public school system (older students). It’s bloody disappointing/disheartening beyond belief. Especially writing. She gets maybe one student out of 30 who can even write half way decently.  Many plagiarize a lot. Like literally word for word an entire Wiki article.

    And the parents of today’s kids?  OMG. No wonder these kids are so screwed up, so self entitled..well I could go on.

    Like I said, increasingly fast food, instant gratification, self entitled, overly materialistic, etc culture.

    David Thomas
    BPL Member


    Locale: North Woods. Far North.

    “54 posts on this subject???? “

    Bruce: It’s like an episode of Seinfeld, a show famously about nothing.

    >”maybe Alaska is a better fit for me than California.”

    Katt:  While Alaskans tend to be very libertarian (lots of Rs are fine with pot use, vegans don’t mind other people hunting, etc), they’re also very practical.  Or they don’t survive long.  I learned how to dig razor clams from a homeless guy my first year up here.  I just learned something about wildflower blooms versus spring rainfall I hadn’t noticed myself from the last hitchhiker I picked up.  It takes some connection to reality to survive sub-zero winters on your own – an experienced-based pragmatism I found rare among the unemployed in Berkeley (“The tarot cards said I should use an amethyst crystal in my navel to adjust my fourth chakra”).

    Justin W


    “The tarot cards said I should use an amethyst crystal in my navel to adjust my fourth chakra”

    Sure, we could talk about easy to make fun of uber New Ageism, and people that tend too much to believe what they want to believe while not being grounded enough in holistic logic, discernment, skepticism, etc.

    But, we could also talk about things like the US military running remote viewing programs for nearly two decades, and the CIA dismantling the program the very same year that the Freedom of Information act was passed (but I’m sure, naught but coincidence)….

    Or, people doing experiments in real time with other BPL members, and getting beyond chance hits on the target (and the process).

    Or, ever heard of a little school called Duke University?  Might ring a bell or two. Yeah, one of the schools with the huevos to actually test such nonphysical possibilities in their PEAR lab, and the data definitely showing stuff beyond chance going on.

    Or, we could talk about Wim Hof getting injected with an inactive pathogen that causes severe reactions, and he somehow controlled and overcame those with deep meditation (and a peer reviewed, published research paper was written about this).  Then his countless records of cold submersions and exposure that would make most Alaskans and northern Canadians look like Floridian wimps in comparison. 

    So much anomalous stuff out there, if one actually looks.  But confirmation bias and subjectivity is surely the most consistent monkey on a human’s back, eh.

    But hey, we’re “science based” here, which really means, we have a preconceived , closed belief system  (and just as dogmatic as any religion or very unquestioning religious person) about how reality does and doesn’t work.  True scientific approach is both open minded and skeptical simultaneously and in equal proportions. 

    Something I rarely ever see in actual practice in most individuals. To be fair, it is a hard balance to maintain.  It’s not just about smarts.  Plenty of smart people out there.  You strike me as a pretty intelligent guy.  Nope, at it’s core, it’s about a burning desire for the truth, and nothing but the truth

    For a smarter than average person, you are really being quite myopic in your summary of this thread.  At least a quarter of it is actually about some really deep stuff–the deeper nature of reality, but it’s you and folks like you that want to get back to the surface and not so deep stuff. Stuff without that much deeper meaning. Why, because it’s comfortable, and doesn’t challenge already built up core belief systems.

    A very interesting article that very much relates to all this:

    I wonder how our IQ’s would stack up to half the guys listed in the above?  Probably pretty poorly in comparison.

    BPL Member


    This is effing hysterical! I laughed so hard reading this ridiculous thread!

    Justin W


    Awesome!  Great for you!  Thank you for sharing!!!!!  Same here when reading your post!

    ; )

    Justin W


    “A very interesting article that very much relates to all this:

    I wonder how our IQ’s would stack up to half the guys listed in the above?  Probably pretty poorly in comparison.”

    Related to the above is that awhile back, I did semi intensive overview research of many pioneering individuals who greatly contributed to humanity in various fields such as physics, tech development, biology/medicine, psychology, social movements/civil rights, etc.

    We’re talking the individuals who have most powerfully impacted humanity’s very way of life and thinking over the last few centuries or so.

    What was a common denominator between a majority of them?  The majority of these individuals had perceptions and beliefs that could be aligned to either deep philosophy, metaphysics, spirituality/mysticism, religion, and/or a combo of the above. Even the “firm realist” Einstein, as the article above labels him, had some metaphysical leanings, though he was no means religious nor could be put into any singular, dogmatic box. You should hear him wax beautifully poetic about the “Jesus” of the NT, or consider his words (reportedly) of an impersonal, Spinoza type Creator.  Or the fact that most of his discoveries were attributed in origin, by him, to an odd combination of imagination exercises and dream insights.  Clearly the dude was no uber ‘left brainer’ type (speaking more metaphorically than purely literally).

    The pattern was clear–these very creative, very pioneering, very influential, very perceptive, likely moderately to very high IQ folks–the majority of them were not reductionist, mechanistic, materialistic (meaning only matter exists), consciousness only comes from matter type–perceivers, but rather a majority held some kind of openness to, awareness of, and/or belief in some sort of nonphysical aspect of reality–that matter was not all there was to reality.  That consciousness was not limited solely to matter.  Hmmm.

    Of course, that doesn’t make it objectively true.  However, it is highly, highly interesting pattern indeed.

    Now, if I was a firm reductionist materialist type, and I became aware of that long term historical trend (and I had some humility and open mindedness), I just might stop and think, “hmmm, maybe there is more to reality than what my 5 major senses perceive?”

    And one of the highest ironies there are in our current culture and the “memes” of same?  Is that we often label a reductionist, mechanistic, materialistic view of the larger reality as “Newtonian“.  Clearly something got lost in translation, as Newton himself had deeply (and very sincerely so) spiritual and metaphysical views of the larger reality, with elements of non dogmatic religiousness (many considered him heretical for his times in regards to his unconventional religious views).  In fact, he was specifically worried that his discoveries would lead to such a narrow, shallow, one dimensional view of reality, and he argued against the latter.

    I may be wrong about the deeper/larger nature of reality, but at least I’m in excellent company.

    This will be my last post on this thread.  I think I’ve made my points abundantly clear, and really, I’m just asking folks to be good and true scientists in their approach. To be simultaneously open minded and skeptical in equal proportions. Many of you got the skeptical part down just fine, but there is a whole other side to this one coin of very high value.




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