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    Mike M
    BPL Member


    Locale: Montana

    easy Greg, we certainly don’t want Mike to have to facepalm through his face again


    Devin Z
    BPL Member


    Regarding abrasion on the bottom of the pack- I add a USPS Tyvek mailer to the bottom of all my packs so there’s a sacrificial wear layer underneath the expensive pack material. Adds….37 grams or something, gives you peace of mind setting your pricey pack down on just about anything, and then in a pinch you can send a package. I just find spots to use stainless safety pins to affix it on the bottom (webbing tabs and whatnot.) Plus it’s free. You could even attach it with some shock cord and have a handy bottom garbage pocket to shove energy bar wrappers into for your FKT attempts. Or whatever.

    Eric Blanche
    BPL Member


    Locale: Northeast US

    Devin Z, that is a fantastically simple way of thinking, if the pack allows it!

    R L


    Locale: SF Bay Area, East Bay

    I like things to be able to attach things to the bottom of any bag/pack.   I opted to use two , removable Line Loc3’s,  from BPWD that were in my stash.  Slid one up to the hilt of each hip belt.  Fit like it was meant to be.  Then used a piece of MLD’s 2.7 Pro guy line run up and over thru the two small loops at the base of the front pocket.  Easy peasy to secure a Z-lite SOL pad.  Worked for me.  Added a couple grams.  Recently did three nights toting this pack.  Started out at 30.1# because I cached water along the way for the return loop.  Settled in at ~20#.  I’ve been enamored with the DD40 as a workhorse.  But I must say, the Kakwa raises the bar a couple notches.  How is that possible.  Once the straps were set, I didn’t have to readjust.  Rode with me like a dream.  I did discover that since the sleeping bag and shelter weigh about the same and take up the same volume,  putting them in vertically with the shelter on the water bottle side, since it’s easier to squish, made for simpler water bottle usage.  My arms don’t bend all that well anymore.  Kept a 500ml water bottle in each shoulder strap pocket.  Also, did not get that shoulder blade area pain with this pack.  I’m in the early sixties, buck-seventy weight, 5’10” because of slouching, below average fitness.  I’ve been carrying pretty much the same items for a long long time and using this pack made the trip pleasurable.  Just some thoughts.  ymmv.  ~RL

Viewing 4 posts - 76 through 79 (of 79 total)
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