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    David Hosmer
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    Companion forum thread to: Hammock Gear Economy Burrow Quilt Review

    The Hammock Gear Economy Burrow¬†Ultralight Top Bag is an affordable, semi-customizable down quilt that is offered in a variety of colors, fill weights (i.e., temperature ratings), foot box types, lengths, and widths.¬†The quilt featured in this review is rated for¬†30¬†F (-1 C), has a “wide” width (55 in / 140 cm), standard length (5 ft 7 in to 6 ft 2 in / 170 cm to 187 cm), and a sewn footbox. This model retails for $179.95, has a claimed weight of 22 oz (624 g), and a claimed loft (single layer) of 2 in (5 cm).

    Scott B
    BPL Member


    Thank you for this detailed review!  I own a HG Burrow Econ 20 degree that I paid fully for last year and have no affiliation with HG.  I would like to add some supplementary comments/points as follows:

    • Something that really jumped out at me that was not mentioned in the comparison is that the REI Magma appears to have sewn-through baffling (which is a cheaper to manufacture and cuts weight for the same amount of loft but heat can escape through the seams especially in windy conditions) based off Ryan’s separate detailed review and an REI customer review.¬† I have heard many argue that a quilt or bag will have a hard time truly ever being rated below around 35-40 degrees with sewn-through baffles and tend to agree.¬† My 20 degree Burrow Econ has boxed baffles (I happened to have it handy and measured around 2.5″) and would be surprised if the 30 degree does not.¬† I personally would be hesitant to buy a 30 degree rated quilt with sewn-through baffling.¬† Quick summary of the topic here
    • If the deep sewn footbox is an issue for some, then the default zippered footbox option (with a slight weight penalty) may be preferred.
    • The HG provided pad attachment system is not very good as you stated, and it really has all to do with the hooks IMO.¬† There needs to be a more secure attachment point where the hook does not slide up and down the shock cord so easily, is so hard to attach and/or become unattached so easily.¬† I appreciate the tip on “looping the S-hook¬†through the quilt‚Äôs D-ring”, and I would add even suggest trying to put the s-hook through the grosgrain loop.¬† I tried that on mine (mine has no d-rings) and it worked a lot better in dealing with the sliding factor at least.¬† Most of the time I do not use the pad attachments, however, so less of a factor for me.
    • It seems that with the Burrow one could add a 1 oz of overstuff option and add a note asking them to put it all in the collar if that is a user preference.

    Again, thanks for the review!  I know it takes a lot of time and effort to do the field testing and compile the results!

    James Marco
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    Locale: Finger Lakes

    I believe your chart conversions are incorrect (Available Temperature Range.) Check those.

    Thanks for a good review!

    BPL Member


    Locale: SE USA

    This was a very good review…thank you!

    Perhaps I missed it (I am home with the flu), but how tall are you?  Just curious about pushing the upper height limit.

    David Hosmer
    BPL Member


    Thanks for the input guys,

    I didn’t have a lot of sliding issues when I looped the S clip through the D ring. Having the shorter connection and a connections that doesn’t slide seems to have solved the draft problem for me. I also spent most of my nights with it in a hammock and I wonder if that had an positive effect on drafting.

    The S clips can be a little annoying (especially when wearing gloves or when you should be but aren’t). To solve that problem I got lazy and left the shock cord attached to one or both sides of the quilt. When setting up I would unroll and blowup my mattress in the straps of the Burrow with the Burrow on top. It sounds weird but wasn’t bad.

    I did notice some drifting to the sides in the collar baffle a few times. It was easy enough to just shake the top end to even things out and get a warm nights sleep.

    Keen eye on the conversion! Both of the EE quilts are listed with a temp rating of 50-0F which should be 10- -18C

    I am 6 foot 1 inch or 1.85 meters

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