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    Ken Thompson
    BPL Member


    Locale: Right there

    Post your photos and comments about the tenth annual GGG below.

    Thanks to all.

    David Gardner
    BPL Member


    Locale: Northern California

    What an incredible weekend at GGG X! It was wonderful to see many old friends and make new ones. Connected at very deep levels that totally surprised me. Had some amazingly meaningful and heartfelt conversations about love, relationships, spirituality, the oneness and interconnectedness of all things in the Universe. Truly beautiful, as was the weather and Henry Coe State Park. Haven’t felt so deeply connected to friends in many years, and truly looking forward to seeing everyone again next year, if not sooner!

    Thanks Ken, you have created a wonderful legacy of friendships and community. Namaste.

    Ken Thompson
    BPL Member


    Locale: Right there

    Thanks once again to all who attended. I think we had the best weather of them all, with it turning just as we left. And as always the weekend goes by too fast.

    Big thanks to Kat for her wildlife presentation that had the whole camp quiet and attentive. Great job!

    Lets go on some trips!

    BPL Member



    Thank YOU Ken.

    So much to say and so many wonderful people…maybe at a later date I will write something.

    For now…I took all of 8 pictures this weekend and 4 of them are of this batch of caribou italian sausage that came all the way from Alaska with David. . So incredibly good. Thank you!

    Tony Wong
    BPL Member


    Locale: San Francisco Bay Area

    February 16-18th 2018

    10th Annual Gathering of Gear Geeks (GGG X)

    Henry Coe State Park



    Manzanita Point Group Camp Sites 4 & 5.

    Temperatures 69F Day Time & 39F Night Time

    $8 per day parking fee…parking at lower parking lot

    0.25 to 0.5 mile side trail to Ranger’s Station to avoid walking on the road

    An easy hike to the Ranger’s Station with some tree cover

    Ranger Station/Visitor’s Center for Parking and Camping Permits

    Great weather and a three day weekend….long line inside to get parking permit

    It was a very mild winter day….for California. Sadly, no rainfall in weeks. Perhaps the start of another drought after 2017’s massive rainfalls that formally ended a 5 year drought. Felt like we have skipped winter this year. President’s day weekend. Many boy scouts on the trail, lot of backpackers, trail runners, and day hikers heading out into a beautiful weekend.

    Jeremy and Steve at the Vistor’s Center

    I had dropped Jeremy off at the Vistor’s Center with our packs and Met Steve from Idaho in the parking lot. Steve had driven out to visit family in the East Bay and decided to come out to the GGG.

    Out on the trail and moving quickly to leave a large group of traditional backpackers who were behind us

    Turning onto the Fire Road….easy traveling

    Wild Pig Traps…seen these many times before. Never a pig in them…sometimes a small child or wayward backpacker.

    Each Group Campsite was allowed one to two “support vehicles to drive on these roads to haul in water, firewood, and other supplies

    Jeremy and Steve Getting to Know Each Other

    A Sign of good things to Come

    A Sign with LED Lights Built In for those arriving at Night

    Rolling into One of the Two Campsites….essentially and Upper and Lower Campsite.

    This was the Upper Campsite….the Lower Campsite has typically designated for families and is quieter

    Jeremy’s New Zpacks Duplex Tent 21.0 oz Shelter


    This shelter was one of the most popular ones at the GGG and is often used by thru hikers on the AT.

    It might be the gold standard for two person tents in terms of being lightweight and waterproof.

    Six Moon Designs Lunar Duo 41.0 oz Shelter


    Steve’s Green Lunar Duo

    Another Zpacks Duplex

    Hammock with Underquilt

    (If anyone can identify this setup, please let me know as I know nothing about hammocks)

    Zpacks Backpacking with crap loads of stuff hanging off if it


    The Beauty and Flexibility of a Big Ass Tarp

    A Well Thought Out and Planned Trip

    Thanks to Ken T for taking the time and effort over these past 10 years with organizing the GGGs.

    I believe that this will be the last year that Ken will be doing this….because of YOU, Ken, so many friendships and good memories have been made. I know that you have not done this alone and that many generous BPL members have contributed money, time, and supplies to make this happen. That said…in many ways, you have become the face of the GGGs.

    Black Diamond Firstlight 2 Person Tent 3 lbs 5 oz


    We all are doing it wrong…screw Ultralight…how about Ultra Comfortable

    A Number of Families Came Out to the GGG, as they have every year.

    Zpacks Hexamid Solo 15.4 Oz


    Rear View of the Hexamid Solo

    Katadyn BeFree 2.0 oz Water Filter fitted to a HydraPak Seeker Water Bottle



    The BeFree Water Filter has been an impressive new challenger to the Sawyer Squeeze and Mini Filters. The BeFree seems to address the main complaint with the Sawyer filters in that they can be slow to filter water. The BeFree filter has an amazing rate of flow that is easily doubles that of the Sawyer filters. The downside of the BeFree is that there is no manufacture’s recommended way to back flush the filter in the event that it is completely clogged. Early models had problems with the welded seems of the soft sided flash breaking. To Katadyn’s credit, they have increased their warranty of their flask and offer free replacements. The BeFree is an amazing new product that has a lot of potential in the future. Looking forward to seeing version 2.0.

    Mountain Laurel Designs Cuben Tarp possible discontinued 4.5-5.5 oz solo tarp


    Gossamer Gear The One 21.0 oz Cuben Shelter


    Nick G say s of his shelter, “Six Moons Design Cuben Deschutes. Weight was under 8 ounces when I got it. I added eight LineLoc3 and 3mm guylines and the weight is a fraction over 9 ounces excluding stakes.”


    Terra Nova Solar Photon 2


    I wasn’t able to find any information on this tent. Perhaps it is an old, discontinued model?

    Debbie’s DIY Silnylon Floorless Tent inspired by the Zpacks Duplex & Hexamid

    Front Door Tie Out

    Color Coded Side Tie Outs to Help Determine Orientation of the Front Doors

    Opposite Side Tie Out

    Six Moon Designs

    Debbie Checking Out Someone’s Zpacks Altaplex Tent 17.9 oz


    Side and Rear View of Tie Outs

    Debbie Standing Next to Altaplex to Show Height/Scale of the Tent

    Zpacks Hexamid Solo?


    Rear View

    Bike Trailer

    We have always had a few bike packers at the GGG

    REI 2 Person Tent: Dash 2 at 2 lbs 7 oz


    Kicking Back with Style and Ease

    Note: Silver Box on the ground is an oven that was used to bake cheesy bread and other tasty things

    Another Hammock Camp

    Kat’s Seek Outside BT2 ( Beyond Timberline 2), 25 oz


    A review of the BT2


    Ken T’s Hilleberg Enan Tent 2 lbs 2 oz

    View of the Inner Shelter

    Ken likes this tent for being double walled with great wind/weather resistance with vents at the foot end to allow for good airflow


    Ken’s MLD SoloMid XL 17.0 oz


    Ken was nice enough to bring out his SoloMid XL for me to check out. I have been long fascinated by its relatively small footprint, easy of pitching without having to use many guylines, for bomber protection in really windy and rainy situations. Being able to sit upright in your shelter while in a storm beats being “trapped” under a tarp with only being able to lay on your side, stomach, or on your back. That gets old after a few hours.

    Side View….pinning the bottom edges to the ground makes for an easy setup

    Rear View

    I have a feeling that I will eventually get one of these when faced with a trip with strong winds and heavy rain. Essentially, 4 season capable and using standard hiking poles to pitch.

    Ken’s MLD DuoMid 18..0 oz


    Ken loves his DuoMid. For only 1 oz more than the Solo XL, you gain a lot more interior space. Plenty of room to lay out and spread your gear around. If you have the door pulled back, you can cook inside your shelter. Hard to argue for only 1 more oz.

    Rear View

    MLD Cuben Patrol Shelter/Tarp 8 oz


    This is another shelter that has intrigued me. Paired with the 6.5 oz Bug Bivy or the 7.0 oz Bug Bivy 2, you can have complete protection from bugs and bad weather for 14.5 to 15.0 oz.



    With the beak front end, it provides additional protection from rain that a normal tarp would not be able to. What is not pictured is the closed end of the foot end of the shelter, which when the whole shelter is pitched low, provides near bomber protection.

    Hammock Tarp

    Another Hammock with Tarp and ENO Underquilt


    Another Hammock Setup

    Main Table for Gathering

    Over the years, Ken has developed a good working relationship with the Staff/Rangers at Henry Coe State Park. He let’s them know when we are coming months in advance. The group, as a whole, makes a point of leaving the sites in good shape, if not in better shape than we found it. Extra money that has Ken has raised in the past has been donated to the Park.

    REI Passages 3 Tent? 6 lbs 3 oz


    2008 MLD Soul Side Zip in eVent in Wide with 2.0 Silnylon Floor 13.0 oz


    Ron’s Bivy has served me well for 10 years now and it hardly shows any signs of wear and tear. I know that I could replace it with a 7.0 oz Superlight Bivy, but given how well my Soul Side Zip is built and how roomy it is, I am loathed to give it up. Besides, banana yellow with a bright green floor is just cool…hehehe.


    Home Sweet Home

    Ebike….why work hard when you don’t have to?

    Manfred’s caribou sausage and Alaskan Salmon….a truly special and generous treat

    One of the things that is great about the GGGs is that people have been generous in hiking in extra food and drink to share with others. As I have said, some of the best people that I have met have been on the trail and at the GGG.

    Flavorful Goodness

    Beautifully Ghetto BeFree & Milk Jug Gravity Filter for in Camp

    Trail Designs Caldera Keg F-Stove with Zelph’s Stoveworks Starlyte Burner with Green Lid Alcohol Stove. Gotta love the Starlyte Stove. Well made, crazy light, and material inside the filter prevents your alcohol from spilling, no primer pan needed….all for $12 plus shipping.



    Who is the Axe/Hatchet Murderer in the group?

    Alcohol Stove Burn Off Competition

    Close up of the Caldera Cone System

    You Know you are a Gear Geek when you are excited to watch water boil

    We have Steam!

    Actually the Caldera Cone lost the event, only because there was a failure to get the alcohol stove quickly lit

    Priming the DIY Ikea Kitchen Utensil Holder for the Wood Burn Off

    Port Hole was cut at the bottom on the side to allow wood to be feed into the stove, such as a long stick.

    The legs and pot supports were purchased from a company that seems to have made these legs for this very purpose?

    David Gardner ? measuring out equal portions of water to the contestants

    Digital Scale for the water

    Side Port in use with long sticks to allow constant feeding of the fire. As the sticks burn, just keep sliding more of the stick into the fire vs. having to feed the fire through the top with chunks of wood.

    Feeding the Beast

    Burn it and they will come…watch it burn

    Debbie Mixing Muffin Mix

    Steam Baking

    Moist Muffin Goodness

    Rare and Prized Cup made by Craig W and given away as gifts at the 9th Annual GGG


    Debbie’s Famous BPL/GGG Brownies….not the Medical Type of Brownies

    Debbie has become a bit famous for her brownies, which is a tradition of her own making. She brought out a large box of brownies with her while coming out just for the day. They were a hit and she has been generously hauling in a large box each year.

    The Little People

    Danny from Massdrop enjoying the GGG with his family


    Danny is living the dream…working for MassDrop collaborating with outdoor gear manufactures and working in their UL Department to bring great deals on gear voted/requested by the community.

    Dinner Time

    A new generation of BPLers

    MSR Pocket Rocket version 1.0

    A Warm Glow

    Luci Solar & Inflatable LED Lantern 4.4 oz


    This was a pretty cool stand out product for me that I had never seen before. Light weight, solar (so no need for batteries), waterproof, and it put out a good amount of light

    Clear Plastic Version of the Luci Light

    Family Time

    Red Night’s Glow

    Good Conversations in the Night

    And Beer

    Dinner & A Show with Kat!

    Kat hauled in a small projector and a sheet to act as a movie screen for her wilderness camera presentation of the various animals that she has captured out where she works and lives in the Santa Cruz Mountains?

    One of many amazing photos and videos of local wildlife

    Over many years Kat has captured an impressive array of photos of mountain lions, eagles, foxes, deer, and other creatures with these infrared and motion detection cameras that she attaches to trees along the wilderness trails.

    Captive Audience

    Kat gave a wonderful presentation that she personally narrated and had some background music to certain scenes. It really was an entertaining and educational experience. There were humorous moments seeing families of deer, foxes, mountain lions, and more playing around water holes and each other. Other moments caught the animals hunting stalking prey.

    Just One of the Many Reasons to Come Out and Make New Friends

    Kat Giving Her Presentation

    My understanding is that Kat gives this presentation at a park/camp that is near where she lives and she sells photos of some of the best shots she has captured over the years.

    She has documented many of the animals over the years to the point where she has been able to identify many of them based on physical features such as bites scars or torn ears which act as visual fingerprints.

    Stary Red Glow

    Campfire Chatter

    One of the best parts of the GGGs have been the night time conversations where friends catch up with each other since the last time that they have seen each other. New friendships are made, hiking partners are found for future adventures, and little bits of hard earned wisdom is shared and passed around.

    A Familiar Scene

    Friends around the Light

    I am humbled often when I wander around everyone’s campsites, snapping photos of them and their gear. I am often a silent intruder who captures a moment that they might not even be aware of. Yet, there are many times where I am warmly greeted, if not expected to come visit them. Strangest of all, for me, is that they all seem to know my name and yet I don’t know theirs.

    Taking photos, sharing stories….someone shares their cup with me of a shot of whiskey, we laugh and count ourselves to be fortunately to be out in the darkness by the light of a burning canister lantern.

    There are times when I tell myself that I don’t want to go to the GGGs. Taking the photos, editing them, sorting them, and taking the time to post them up. All things that I have seen before over these past number of years.

    However, when I arrive at each one and I find myself standing in the warm embrace of the darkness of the night, standing with old friends and new acquaintances, I am powerfully reminded that it isn’t about documenting photos of crazy looking lightweight gear.

    It is about sharing small moments with people who all share a common bound that is apart of our soul….love of the outdoors and, in this singular moment, sharing that love with others in the collective stories shared. It is of that trip that we took and the harrowing adventures we had that we can laugh about. It is about talking to others who understand why you chose to spend your free time sleeping in the dirt, going without showers, and hiking all day in the middle of no where.

    Though it might be hard to explain to others who do not hike or backpacking, here it is all understood and valued.

    And this is why I come back year after year…..

    Then you wake up next to the homeless guy the next morning

    Okay, I thought that I was bad ass with my fancy bivy sack while others slept comfortably in their tents or hammocks….then Cameron shows up cowboy camping in the dirt on a sleeping pad.

    Humbled to be reminded that there is ALWAYS someone better, more hardcore, and funnier looking than me.

    I love Cameron…he is the only guy I know who went heavier by going ultralight because his first backpacking trip was simply a paper bag full of food from a corner market/gas station and a wool blanket. He didn’t know that he had been invited on a backpacking trip. In typical, Cameron fashion….he just went with it and went on the multi day/week long trip with them….without complaint.

    Puff Jacket Morning…..don’t forget to bring your Big Fat Puff Jacket to the GGG as you will be standing around for long periods of time in the night talking to people

    Hooded Jackets are the Best

    Table Full of Pots and Stoves

    MSR Titan Kettle with Insulated Lid

    A Warm Head is One with a Cap on It

    Sleeping with all my gear….MLD Exodus under my legs, yellow and black fleece pillow case, red goose feet down socks, Katabatic 30F quilt, and Gossomer Gear torso pad and 1/8″ full length thin light pad.

    Ken T., Steve, and Cameron

    Bundled in Warmth

    The Shy One

    Family Morning Meal

    Kat Enjoying a Morning Fire….plenty of extra firewood from the night before

    It was a mild night on a winter weekend that was sunny and dry… could not have asked for better weather….though we are hoping for rain as this surely has been one of the driest winters on record.

    David W….Mr. Puffy Jacket packing it up.

    It is because of David that I now make a point of bringing a nice puffy jacket to all the GGGs. With a short 2.5 to 3.0 mile hike into the campsite, why not bring in a bunch of luxuries?

    The End of Another GGG….10 years of friendship, community, gear geeking out, and spreading the craziness that is Lightweight Backpacking.

    Thank you again Ken T for making this happen and for all the years of your efforts to make this happen.

    You are one of the reasons why this community is so strong and thank you for making friendships happen.


    Jacob D
    BPL Member


    Locale: North Bay

    It was really good to see everyone… looking mostly the same too! That was neat :) It seemed like life change was a common theme this year. A thanks to those who listened, and who were encouraging.

    Steven and Rick, sorry I didn’t say goodbye to you guys (and anyone else I missed on the way out) it was great to catch up, if only briefly.

    Kat, thank you for that amazing presentation!

    Ken, thanks as always for being sexy you.


    I took a few pics, but this stupid forum won’t let me upload them. Oh well, impermanence and all, it doesn’t really matter anyway. Just imagine a van painted with aliens and flying avocados, and lots of smiling people; that’s my photo contribution :)

    BPL Member


    Important matters were discussed :)

    Ken Thompson
    BPL Member


    Locale: Right there

    I was polite and let the elderly gentleman use my chair.

    Nick Gatel
    BPL Member


    Locale: Southern California

    I was polite and let the elderly gentleman use my chair.

    Yes, and you do respect your elders too.

    BPL Member


    First things first : THANK YOU to Ken for organizing another GGG. This has been an amazing event for so many years. The weather was indeed the best we have seen in many years. The conversations around the campfire were engaging and insightful as always – be it about adventures, life changes, politics or life in general. It is nice to see familiar people year after year making the trek – taking photos (thanks Tony), bringing brownies (thanks Debbie}, hiking out to meet everyone and share a friendly word (thanks Jane), bringing once again salmon and other goodies from Alaska (thanks David), bringing the new backpacking generation (thanks Kristin & Danny) — and many more. It is also nice to see new faces – like Susan and Matt – and to connect to new people (Steve let me know when you continue on the Hayduke). Thanks also to the people who went on a hike on Saturday (Kat, Daniel, Dave, Steve) to explore The Narrows, China Hole, Madrone Soda Spring, etc. It was a delight hiking with you.

    The best of all is that this is really an open community that welcomes everyone. So let’s be open, stay open and not exclude anyone!

    Manfred — Ban People Less – BOpen. BPL-BO



    Locale: The Cascades

    Thanks to Ken for all the GGG years (and the cold soda and the nip of Aberfeldy), Kat for a wonderful presentation, David for the salmon and caribou treats (Manfred gets a shout out for the caribou treats as well) and Greg for showing up so I could finally meet him (and plan a backpacking trip as well with him). It was great catching up with old friends and making new ones, as always. Here are a few shots from a pre-GGG three-day hike around Coe by another GGG (Great Geezer Group): Nick Gatel, Peter Vacco, me, and honorary geezer Paul Magnanti. Coe is a delightful place.


    Matthew / BPL


    It looks like a great weekend. I’m sorry that I wasn’t able to make it but I’m glad to see the photos and hear a little bit about the weekend.

    BPL Member



    Manfred cutting up the caribou sausage which he then passed around. Like I said…half of my 8 pictures are all about this delicacy here.

    And thanks Manfred for the wonderful hike and loaning me one of your hiking poles.

    Greg Mihalik


    Locale: Colorado

    First of all – Thanks Ken!

    And thanks to all the others who made this a great gathering.

    Food was a frequent topic of discussion and in one of those someone (?) mentioned how wonderful it would be to have a restaurant run by a bunch of “Grandmas”.

    Well, here you go –

    David Thomas
    BPL Member


    Locale: North Woods. Far North.

    This was my second GGG (they’re 2100 miles from home) and I really appreciate all the work Ken has put in over the years organizing these events.  It was wonderful meeting people I’ve known for years through the forum but had never met – Doug, Nick, Ken, Jeremy, PaulM, Kat, etc, etc plus people I’ve hiked/camped with before like Manfred, Jane, DavidG, etc.  It was cool that some people who’d just joined the forum came along, including a mom with her two young Girl Scouts who got to look at a lot of tents and packs in use before taking the plunge.  Note to self / future organizers: I’ve got ideas and a fair bit of practice with lightweight games and activities for kids on backpacking trips.

    The weather was fabulous on Friday and Saturday – clear skies and not too hot to hike, even for an Alaskan.  Sunday pre-dawn and morning was misty/foggy but that burned off around 11 am as the last of us were hiking out in the wind.

    The caribou pastrami I had the smokehouse prepare from some of Manfred’s ‘bou, was the most popular Alaskan foodstuff.  I couldn’t convince a few Californians that caribou is vegan (they eat nothing but lichen and moss!), but that left thirds for other folks.  The caribou breakfast sausage also seemed almost universally popular while the caribou Italian sausage was either just right or a little too spicy.  Friday, we sampled a hard-smoked “squaw candy” (sorry, that’s what everyone calls it up here, but it’s not meant in any negative way) – it’s kind of salmon jerky but very moist, sweet, and not chewy.  And we had smoked salmon spread from sockeye I caught, brined in brown sugar / salt and smoked over alder & apple wood myself.  I think I’ve got Manfred seeing the advantages of dropping critters off at a smokehouse and if he’ll just get himself a chest freezer, we can make him an honorary Alaskan.

    Because a few people asked, the “Native style hard smoked salmon” was from .   It looks like they are out of stock now – I’d look back after July when our sockeye run is.  I brought my own fish to them, but they also buy commercially caught fish and prepare those for sale to the public.

    Kat’s slide show (and UL portable projector) was wonderful to watch and I appreciated how her presentation is entertaining, educational and accessible to a wide range of audiences.  It made me wonder if any mountain lions were watching the show from just beyond the tree line.

    Again, thanks to all, especially Ken, but all the BPLer’s who are so open with their time, information and hearts.

    BPL Member


    I’m pretty sure someone added some miles between my house and Henry Coe.  The drive down seemed extra long this year but it was well worth the effort.

    Thanks to everyone who made it such a special event.  It was great catching up with old friends and meeting face to face for the first time some folks I’ve called friends on BPL for years.

    Some highlights:

    • Caribou lived up to the hype, the Italian sausage being the best I’ve ever tried.
    • California sun is a bit harsher than what I’m used to in Washington.  A short there-and-back hike back to the parking to retrieve something from my car has left me a bit red
    • Hiking out to Manzanita Point at night felt like a Scooby Doo episode.  I’ve must have seen a dozen pairs of glowing eyes.  Mostly deer and a few were fox, I believe, although my imagination prepared me for a highly coordinated mountain lion attack.
    • I screwed up my soft shackle and earned my hammock airborne badge.  My apologies to those who were within earshot although I wasn’t the one screaming profanities at 3 am (possibly one of the adults from the scouts next campsite over)
    • The spontaneous tapas bar was fantastic.  I’m definitely bringing cheese, olives, sausages, etc to share at the MBC in Washington later this year.

    Special thanks to Kat for the wonderful presentation.  That was such a treat.

    Extra special shout out to Ken and David for keeping the GGG alive and giving us all the opportunity to come together.




    Locale: The Cascades

    Gosh, I almost forgot the fabulous brie cheese and olives that David Wage and (sorry, my memory is rather poor, was that you, Jeremy, that brought the manchego and olives?). I scarfed down a good bit of each (and I still don’t feel sorry for not eating the brie casing! :-). And, of course, those wonderful brownies that Debbie always brings. I think I had one whole level of brownies myself!

    BPL Member


    Thanks everyonefor the nice words about my presentation and for watching the whole thing :)

    BPL Member


    If you lost a small headlamp by an oak tree near the bathroom let me know. I have it.

    the unknown mid is my Seek Outside BT2 ( Beyond Timberline 2), 25 oz :

    Jerry Adams
    BPL Member


    Locale: Oregon and Washington

    Looks like that was a fun trip for all

    I was looking at the BT2 on bedrockandparadox

    Weird how much apparent catenary curve there is.  The peak is narrow, spreads out on the bottom.

    That’s sort of like my tent laid out on bias.

    I don’t know if that’s good or bad – less volume at the top, but the tent stakes are pulled more sideways so less likely to pull out

    Edges of fabric that are along the grain of the fabric behave differently than on the bias.  It’s complicated to design a tent that takes that into account.

    I couldn’t really tell from the picture of Kat’s tent.  Does it seem to be narrow at the top and spread out at the bottom, more so than other mids?  Maybe you have to really tighten the tent stake pullouts to see this?

    I couldn’t tell from pictures which edges of the BT2 are along the grain vs on the bias.

    BPL Member


    I would not go by how I pitched it. This was the first time I used it and I set the pole a bit too tall. I also believe the new version from Seek Outside has a better pitch. It is a very roomy mid though and I imagine it would do well in high wind if pitched correctly.

    Jerry Adams
    BPL Member


    Locale: Oregon and Washington

    Yeah, that looks like a really good mid, I bet you will be happy

    Similar to the mid I have been using for years

    d k
    BPL Member


    Thanks especially to Ken for the most laid-back and enjoyable GGG I’ve been to yet.  You certainly “went out” in style – and set the bar high.  Now you can just enjoy them like the rest of us without having to work.

    Thanks also to Kat for the inspiring wildlife photog presentation, to David/Manfred for the wildlife goodies from up north, to Tony for the stellar documentation of the goings-on, and to everyone else that shared their stuff and camaraderie, and the setup/cleanup work.  I had such a good time I didn’t even remember to have any of the Glenmorangie I brought (for medicinal purposes only).

    chris smead
    BPL Member


    Locale: San Jose, CA

    GGG was a blast!  My wife and I had fun.  Was nice to meet some of you in person finally!

    Cant believe it took me so long to finally come to one of these.  I’ll definitly try to make the next one.

    Steven Paris
    BPL Member


    Locale: Pacific Northwest

    It really was a great and much-needed escape from Portland for me. I left the GGG on Sunday in the chill air, feeling, well, light and calm and satisfied. I’ve met and hiked with some of you before and I think my favorite part about the GGG and other BPL meet-ups is how a disparate group of UL backpackers, all self-reliant individuals with their own gear, food and abilities, are so generous with their time, knowledge and humor.

    I’m glad I got to catch up to those I’ve met before and wish I’d had some more time to talk gear and life.

    Particular thanks to David for the Alaskan treats (what’s better than talking gear and having someone come up and serve you salmon & crackers?), to Manfred for making me go on a hike instead of taking a nap, to Kat for the presentation, to Paul for talking about Boulder for sooooo long and to Ken for the great organizing.

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