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    Locale: Rocky Mountains

    Companion forum thread to: Backpacking Light 101 (Curated Collection)

    We’ve hand picked these pieces to give you a solid foundation of what we think are important pieces to the vast mosaic of lightweight backpacking information. We hope you find these articles to be valuable on your road to traveling lighter in the backcountry.

    Jerry C


    I am 76 years old and have been backpacking for over 60 years… For the last 20 years or so I have been mainly exploring areas in the Pisgah watersheds…Harper Creek, Steels Creek, Lost Cove, Gragg Prong, etc… I have hiked many miles on the MST and AT, but prefer exploring little used or abandoned trails… My current habit is to hike in 5 or 6 miles, create a campsite, stay 2 or 3 nights and either trout fish or explore during the days…My wife and I are now living in Raleigh and I am anxious to find a pal or two to hike with…preferably old guys who are retired like me and in reasonably good shape.  Not necessary that you are an experienced backpacker, I’ll be pleased to teach you everything I know about the woods. If you’re interested let me hear from you.  Jerry P. Cram, Sr.

    David Thomas
    BPL Member


    Locale: North Woods. Far North.

    Jerry:  Welcome to BPL.  There’s a sub-forum for hiking companions (under “Campfire” then “Hiking Partners”) that your post would fit better.  Edited to acknowledge that you’ve responded to a NC hiking request on that sub-forum.

    You might also look at Meet-up events in your area.  They’ll mostly be day hikes, but it’s a place to meet other local hikers and wanna-be-hikers who are just getting started.

    Also, sometimes there are Facebook groups specific to a certain area – ride share, buy-sell-trade, hikers, etc.  Search Facebook for “Raleigh hiking” or “North Carolina Trails”.

    Jerry C


    Thanks… I took your advise and posted my message under “campfires, etc.”… Hopefully I’ll dig up some other old fart like me in the Raleigh area who enjoys getting out in the woods and having a Scotch or two around the campfire.

    Thanks for your help,


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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