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    Chase Jordan


    Locale: Northeast US

    Companion forum thread to: Altra Lone Peak NeoShell Review

    The Altra Lone Peak Neoshell: light, zero-drop, wide toebox, waterproof-breathable. An ultralight backpacker’s shoe for the fringe season?

    Justin Baker
    BPL Member


    Locale: Santa Rosa, CA

    Neoshell is supposed to have a CFM of 0.5. That makes me wonder if these shoes dry out in a reasonable time. If that’s the case, these shoes could eliminate the major disadvantage of a waterproof shoe. But the other consideration is neoshell has 10k hydrostatic head and drops to 5k after a good amount of use, would be that sufficient for walking around in puddles?

    Mitchell Ebbott


    Locale: SoCal

    Justin, I think a 5K HH would be plenty for puddles. Stepping in a puddle puts very little water pressure on the fabric—far less, I’m sure, than a falling raindrop in a heavy storm. And 5K is more than enough to stop a raindrop.

    Mark Baker
    BPL Member


    Was that 12 oz for a shoe or the pair.



    Ken Thompson
    BPL Member


    Locale: Right there

    Per shoe

    NFN Scout
    BPL Member


    I’ve had my version of these shoes since they first arrived and have put hundreds of miles on them. Let me add some more info to the spotlight review:

    • I’ve been using them lots with Hillsound Trail Crampons (we shy away from Kahtoola on the White Mountains, because Hillsound have sharper spikes for the steepest ice). I find they work great. (see pic for a really steep ice section) But they are not as easy to use fixed crampons with, the sole is too flexible. Also fine for my snowshoes.
    • I’ve used them on 12 hr hiking days with pack and don’t need to take them off at end. Really nice.
    • With wet from bottom (puddles) they are very good.
    • With foot sweat… moderate to good. Had some sweat in my socks after longest days.
    • With heavy rain? Horrid. Tongue soaks up the water. (but they survived the light rains of Ireland fine)
    • Overall? Light and I find I use them as my main hiking shoes in all but very coldest weather. BUT???? I find these shoes among my most slippery on wet rocks. Kinda crazy for a waterproof shoe. I still just deal with it… but it’s an odd weakness. 
    Ryan K
    BPL Member


    Thanks for the review!  These look pretty good – the only other ones I’ve found comparable are the Merrell All Out Terra Ice Waterproof.  After some hikes/trail runs this mild winter in wet, sloppy snow and massive puddles (and complete fails using plastic bag WPB), I was considering getting something waterproof, but I just love my Trail Glove 3’s too much and don’t think I can handle having more than double the stack height and loss in ground feel.  I’ve been debating instead trying a pair of waterproof socks like Dexshell.  Ice is still a problem – I’ve tried every type of microspikes available at REI and they all just crumple my shoe and foot, very uncomfortable.  Once I need to get a new pair, I think I’ll try inserting some metal screws in the bottom of my old pair, although I’m sure they won’t handle anything like the picture above.


    Iago Vazquez
    BPL Member


    Locale: Boston & Galicia, Spain

    @ Ryan K,

    Not sure if these would be of any interest to you…

    Ryan K
    BPL Member


    Thank Iago!  Those look pretty nice – reasonable prospective price too.  The article seems to emphasize these are only for sprinters, but seems like they would work fine long-distance for barefoot-style forefoot runners/hikers.  Not waterproof like Neoshell or Terra Ice, but I’m still not sure if having waterproof on a trail runner is ideal anyways for cold, wet conditions vs waterproof socks.  We had such a mild winter this year in Boston, there were only a few weeks I was stomping through slush puddles and trying to crawl up icy rock ledges.

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