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    Jamie Shortt
    BPL Member


    Locale: North Carolina

    Things have been so incredibly busy for me the last 6 months so I haven't had much time to backpack, make gear, or even participate on the BPL forums. I did get a chance to take a much needed trip a couple of weeks ago to Linville Gorge in NC. I hope to get a trip report together, but in case I don't I at least wanted to get my gear list out since it is the lightest I have used.

    Linville Gear

    A friend and I covered the bottom half loop using the lead mine trail to climb out (~30 miles) over 2 days. We had some rain and a fierce thunderstorm with hail, but mostly the weather was sunny. The nights were in the upper 50's at the coldest, but this gear could have gone down to 32 degrees in a pinch. Overall everything performed extremely well.

    EDIT – looks like I listed one item twice so really the list is 1/4 oz lighter!…not worth changing the numbers, I just wanted to point out I only took 1 food bag, not 2.


    # Item: Weight (oz)

    Clothing Worn: 20.20
    1 BPL SS Merino Wool T-shirt (medium) 4.05
    2 BPL Merino Wool Shorts (medium) 3.70
    3 REI Sahara Shorts 8.00
    4 Smart Wool PHD Mini Crew 2.35
    5 Northface Cap 2.10

    Other Items Worn/Carried: 42.25
    6 Bandana (in pocket or worn) 1.05
    7 Timex Watch 0.90
    8 Pedometer 0.95
    9 Map in ziplock 0.40
    10 Canon Powershot Camera 4.75
    11 Micropur, Purifications Tabs (15 tablets) 0.40
    12 TiGoat AGP Hiking Poles 7.00
    13 Montrail Masochist Trail Runners 26.80

    Packed Clothing: 16.10
    14 Marmot Essence Jacket (large) 6.80
    15 LytW8 Cuben Rain Wrap 1.25
    16 LytW8 M50 Down Pullover 5.10
    17 Blackrock Hadron Down Cap 0.60
    18 Smart Wool PHD Mini Crew 2.35

    Total Packing: 4.95
    19 LytW8 Cuben Pack 4.25
    20 LytW8 Shelter Bag 0.15
    21 LytW8 Cuben Essentials Bag 0.05
    22 LytW8 Cuben Food Bag 0.25
    23 LytW8 Cuben Food Bag 0.25

    Total Shelter & Sleeping: 22.20
    24 LytW8 Summer Quilt 10.80
    25 GG 3/8" Thin Light Sleeping pad – 38" 3.45
    26 LytW8 Cuben Tarp 2.70
    27 LytW8 M50 Bivy 3.20
    28 BPL Lazr Ti Stakes (x8) in cuben sack 1.75
    29 Z Packs Large Cuben Stuff Sack 0.30

    Cooking & Hydration: 7.05
    29 Platypus 2.5 lt. Water Bottle 1.30
    30 Platypus 1 lt. bottle 0.90
    31 Bear Hang (Zline 40'+Cuben Rock Sack+Biner) 0.70
    32 BPL Trapper Mug and Lid 1.80
    33 Ti Wing Stove & Foil Windscreen 0.65
    34 Dr Bonner's Camp Soap (micro-dropper) 0.10
    35 Hawk Koozie 0.90
    36 Bic Mini Lighter 0.40
    37 Ti Spoon 0.30

    Essentials: 5.05
    38 REI Keychain Thermometer/Compass (attached to pack) 0.30
    39 Fox 40 Safety Whistle (attached to pack) 0.20
    40 Cell Phone 2.35
    41 Spare Contacts in Case 0.40
    42 Space Pen 0.20
    43 Tooth paste dots, floss, & Infant brush 0.20
    44 First Aid: Gauze Pads x2, antibiotic ointment, & needle 0.20
    45 Match Book 0.15
    46 Sunscreen in Mini bottle 0.40
    47 Deet in Mini Bottle 0.10
    48 Meds (2 bendryls, 4 pseudofeds, 16 ibuprofins) 0.30
    49 Rx Pills (6 pills) 0.15
    50 Swiss Army Scissors 0.10

    Consumables: 73.00
    51 Total Food (2.0 days) 39.00
    52 4x Esbit Tablets 2.00
    53 Water – 1 liter 32.00

    Total Base Weight (lbs) = 3.46
    Total Worn + Carried Items (lbs) = 3.90
    Total Consumables (lbs) = 4.56
    Total Pack Weight (lbs) = 8.02

    Ken Thompson
    BPL Member


    Locale: Right there

    Great job as usual Jamie. I just don't know how you guys sleep on those Thinlites.

    Eugene Smith
    BPL Member


    Locale: Nuevo Mexico

    We miss your presence and insight on the forum Jamie, thanks for posting this list, you keep pushing your own personal boundaries with a pack!

    What is scary is the potential you have in your list to go lighter and still maintain the same functionality and margin of safety, particularly by changing up your rain shell for a LytW8 version, nixing the pedometer (use map scale and estimate dist.), omitting your ~5oz. camera and using your cellphone camera, or eliminating cellphone and camera altogether for a sub 3lb. kit!

    Just having fun and splitting hairs Jamie, really impressive kit.

    Mike M
    BPL Member


    Locale: Montana

    thanks for posting- great list and so many DIY bits- wonderful!

    I remember fondly your first thread on hitting 5 lbs, definitely inspired me to minimize :)

    michael levi


    Locale: W-Never Eat Soggy (W)affles

    Very thorough gear list, nice weight too.

    James DeGraaf
    BPL Member


    Locale: Bay Area

    I am also impressed. I've followed some of your other MYOG things with fascination and respect. I would love to see more pictures of your gear in action and to read about your trip. Keep up the good work.

    John S.
    BPL Member



    Jamie Shortt
    BPL Member


    Locale: North Carolina

    All, Thanks for comments.


    I keep a list of trips on my website with gear lists and links back to trips reports when I have done one.


    Also, under "my gear" I show a pics of individual projects and provide instructions for some in case you want to step into the dark side.



Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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