Do hiking poles build upper body muscle?

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    Rick Cheehy


    Locale: Virginia

    Jack, you got a permit for those guns?

    BPL Member


    Locale: .

    IMO, poles are not going to build muscle on a long trek. You're going to be under eating so nothing is likely to. They will probably lean you out some though.

    Lynn Tramper


    Locale: The Antipodes of La Coruna

    Do you have a "before" picture, or even a picture of your arms in the same pose now for comparison? Also, do you have any measurements?

    Jack H.


    Locale: Sacramento, CA

    A long hike definitely built muscle on me. I looked and I think that that's the only picture i have of myself flexing. I just had shoulder surgery a few days ago so no more pics at the moment. I'm going to have mere sticks left when this is done.

    Loco Rogue


    Wow, good for you, did i ever say that the 'sarcasm' post was my original writings?…nope, it just covered exactly what i would've like to say to you in a more exacting way. Sorta hits the nail right on the head, or more precisely…your head, you may also be interested in 'The Overton Window'(mind you, i reference this literature on your behalf, if you read it, you will understand, lol…not, just google this one too).

    Sorry but the following is original, you won't be able to 'google' and think you are intellectually superior to even your children…

    In doing my research(amongst the many private, professional…tenured) everywhere other than aussie-land(why? there aren't any hills, though i have done hydration studies down un-duh), it has been proven that short term(recent) and more specifically 'LONG-TERM' benefits of using 'trekking poles'(i.e. walking sticks, etc) and/or aids for prolonged and/or strenuous hiking do have an almost 100% positive and/or significant(as everyone is different, except down un-duh) increase in recovery and/or ability to 're-acquire' the performance and/or ability of previous and/or earlier sessions(you can quote me, lol), maybe i'll share my research with you(lol), if you can't guess who the non %100 percentile were, oh yeah, the previous would most certainly be categorized as 'elementary'…you did get it right?. I do understand that some need to be spoon fed, so here goes…ready?…a person injures their leg, and needs a cane…get it yet? Any prolonged activity is breaking down of the body which then requires recovery time to 'RECOVER' to previous state..and/or better, the stress on the body, whether it be a long hike, or other, would greatly benefit from an aid of some sort to, at the least, and not required, to stimulate an early recovery and/or promotion of enhanced performance. Unless you would like to take longer to recover(i personally would not, in your case i would take the $300 hr. fee). Or just feel confident in the 'pre-emptive' action you have taken in your next venture(lol, you'll just wait til your and old bugga?).

    The previous was…yup, you guessed it, most aptly be described as 'post', what do you think most people(non-programmed) would do if they knew they could enhance and/or increase their performance and/or recovery? Amazing how obtuse/ignorant MOST people are.

    * some text removed by moderator *

    Loco Rogue


    I drifted aimlessly though the nights, wondering why i haven't visited this cess-pool in almost 2 years…sorry, i was out 'doing'. One would think that(at the least) input from abroad would draw some intellect(lol).

    I certainly understand/and relate that most who have completed a long endeavor(s) such as the PCT, AT, etc, etc., knows what happens to you physiologically and especially mentally post completion of said endeavors, and why any non-american(intelligent non-programmed) grade school child would understand why a person may look leaner after say 4-6 months of high levels of daily activity(less the stereotypical american zombie lifestyle, keeps me in riches though) would make you look like…i have to say it…duh.

    Nobody can deny that the world is in peril…right, can we all agree to that? You may even ask why(lol)…it's because of people like you here, who represent the majority(my point is at the end). Ok, i'll tell ya, remember you heard it here first, there are no aliens guiding you zombies, sheep, followers, etc. Ex; If asked, every one of you would say that you don't trust your government, politicians, any structured societal org., etc, yet you follow these same entities blindly, and probably have been, and/or condone your child to go to war(maybe die) for…what?…hmm, what does one call that? Here's another, religion, that's the clincher, i'll bet most of you believe in religion, religion is so absurd in itself it's laughable, embarrassing to even 'chat' with your type. And when(your types are so easy to predict) you say it's people like me, won't you be shocked if your brain has a millisecond of rational thought and realize that i am of the minority…again, embarrassing that i even had to write that, because i know you all aren't capable of understanding what the !@#$ i just said…sad

    it's you…you all fall under a condition called the 'Overton Window', amongst too many others, i'll let you just try and figure that one out…(the point concluded)

    * some text removed by moderator *

    Erik Danielsen
    BPL Member


    Locale: The Western Door

    Bravo, sir. Well said. Thank you for so eloquently demonstrating that skewed, self-serving perspectives are not limited to any particular geographic region, and that familiarity with concepts that put fancy names on simple things (like the "overton window") does not exclude a person from the potential to fall prey to a wide range of additional logical fallacies.

    Keep it up with the "doing." It's a lot better for you than getting angry on the internet.


    "* some text removed by moderator *"

    Thanks, Sam.

    Roger Caffin
    BPL Member


    Locale: Wollemi & Kosciusko NPs, Europe

    > "* some text removed by moderator *"

    Yeah, we monitor, and sometimes we leave some strange postings there as an education for others.


    John Nausieda
    BPL Member


    Locale: PNW

    HBYOP: Cheers Roger , you do combust them well.


    "Yeah, we monitor, and sometimes we leave some strange postings there as an education for others."

    Not to mention a certain perverse entertainment value. ;=)


    Jerry Adams
    BPL Member


    Locale: Oregon and Washington

    Maybe it would be entertaining to put in an occasional

    * some text removed by moderator *

Viewing 12 posts - 76 through 87 (of 87 total)
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