The Enlightened Equipment Rev-HOLE-ation Quilt ($335, 24 oz / 686 g) is a fresh take on their classic sleeping bag, the Revelation Quilt.

The Revelation is a perennial favorite among ultralight backpackers – it features an adjustable, zippered foot-box, U-shaped baffles, the ability to open all the way out into a blanket, and solid, long-lasting construction. Now Enlightened Equipment is introducing the Rev-HOLE-ation – the same quilt but with a hook-and-loop neck-hole for use as a poncho in camp on cold mornings and evenings.

Here’s a brief video overview:

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Highlights (Regular/Regular 20F / -7C, 850 FP)

  • Features:
    • A hook-and-loop neck-hole for use as a poncho!
    • Flat clips for pad attachment system double to gather the material when using as a poncho
    • 20 in (51 cm) YKK #3 zippered foot box with snap and drawstring
    • Draft-tube
    • Snaps and drawstring at collar
    • U-shaped baffles
    • Box-baffle construction
    • Available in short/regular, regular/regular, regular/wide, and long/wide
  • Weight (measured): 24 oz (686 g)
  • Fabrics: 10d nylon (0.65 oz per sq yard down fill)
    • fill type: 850 fill power RDS certified duck down
    • fill weight: 16.08 oz (456 g)
    • average loft: 2.5 in (6 cm)
    • baffle width: 5.75 (15 cm)
    • type of baffle: box
  • Measurements:
    • Length: 78 in (192 cm)
    • Shoulder width: 54 in (137 cm)
    • Foot box width: 40 in (102 cm)

First Impressions

  • The Rev-HOLE-ation Quilt is the same Revelation Quilt template that made Enlightened Equipment’s name in the ultralight world – now with more functionality!
  • I’m a big fan of this concept, but – I’ve used poncho-style quilts in the past, and a big problem is that the loose material gets in your way, especially while cooking – which is when I most want a nice cozy poncho wrapped around me!
    • That being said, Enlightened Equipment’s already solid pad-attachment system does double duty here to keep the material locked in close around your body while maintaining loft.
  • There’s a little extra material around the hook-and-loop closure so that what touches your neck is nylon and not scratchy hook-and-loop – a thoughtful touch.
  • 10 denier fabric, box baffles, a draft collar, a zippered foot box, stellar construction quality, good pad attachment system, and now poncho-style utility – the Rev-HOLE-ation is a highly versatile foundation for a sleep system!


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