Lightweight in Wonderland

Circumnavigating Mount Rainier's premier walk with lightweight gear has J. Sinclair Oal grinning like the Cheshire Cat.

Post-Trip Assessment of Lightweight Gear for Long Distance Hiking

The gear list we took to France for 3 months is evaluated after our return

Doing Denali Light: Post-Trip Report and Gearlist

It IS possible to climb Denali using lightweight techniques! Agnes and Matt discuss their gear and provide detailed gearlists.

Lightweight Gear for Long Distance Hiking: Four Months in Europe

Roger and Sue Caffin's gear lists for their upcoming 4 months in Europe

Ultralight in the Icebox

Andrew Skurka, who pioneered the 7700-mile Sea-to-Sea Route, discusses his expectations, concerns, and gear choices for a frigid 400-mile hike through northern Minnesota with ultralight gear.

SuperUltraLight Favorites Gear List 2006

Taking a summer, long weekend backpacking trip carrying only 10 pounds on your back is easy, comfortable, and safe with the right gear. Here’s a list of the Backpacking Light editors' favorite SUL gear.

Boy Scout Gear List: Philmont Scout Ranch, New Mexico, Summer

Philmont Guidebook to Adventure: "Remember, the key to successful backpacking is to go lightly."

2005 Backpacking Light Trip Planning Spreadsheet Contest Entries

Reader submissions of spreadsheet files used for trip planning and gear lists.

Backpacking Food List: Vegetarian

Yes, vegetarian fare can fuel endurance activities like backpacking!

Boy Scout Gear List: New Scouts, Three-Season

New Boy Scouts (and your parents!), take note: going light will leave your patrol leaders in the dust and there will be money left over from your paper route.

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