HOW TO PLAN Ergonomic gear
The other day, I saw a post in SNS,  about a MYOG bag that wasn’t useful at all on his hike. So, I wanted to share this with DIYer/ MYOGer....
3D printing of MoLLE attachment for Insta360 ONE X2
I made MoLLE atachment parts to mount Insta360 ONE X2 to my backpack. I desiged the shapes of the GoPro mount and a holder for selfie stick. Then ordered it...
Which seam is superior in water resistance? “Plain seam VS Welt seam”
The other day, I performed a seam test for water leakage without seam sealing tape. I confirmed why most outdoor backpacks have been made with plain seam that sews together...
I introduce backpack engineering for DIY/MYOG based on my professional expertise!
Hi, there! I introduce backpack engineering for DIY/MYOG. My YouTube channel “Backpack Researcher” shows all making processes and explains why it should be better. I will share with you the...
MYOG – more than just a means to an end
When I realized that I could drastically reduce my pack weight by switching to ultralight gear, I was so excited… But then I saw the prices! Armed with a home...

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