I made MoLLE atachment parts to mount Insta360 ONE X2 to my backpack.

I desiged the shapes of the GoPro mount and a holder for selfie stick. Then ordered it in a 3D printing service. The material that I chose was PA12, and the parts were produced by HP MJF (Hewlett-Packard Multi Jet Fusion) whose process gave practical strength.

Then, I went hiking to test it. The impact of the foot contact with the ground causes a little image blur. But, these parts made my hands free and allowed to capture exciting scenes from close behind. A DIY backpack, the 360° camera, and its special parts will help recording hiking memories more vividly from now on.

Thank you for reading this post.
I have released it on my YouTube channel.
Please check it out.

YouTube: Backpack Researcher