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This brief remembrance is dedicated to my friends, Scouts and Scouters all, in whose company I had the good fortune to travel as a member of crew 618-Q:

Gary Fujino

Terry Heslin

Dave Wagers

Aaron Rosenthal

Kade Wagers

Tomio Fujino

Matt Spence

Robert Fosburg

Sam Baskin

Jim Baskin

Malcolm Heslin

It is also dedicated to Jeff Dias, my Ranger in 1972, whose kindness, patience and good humor I have never forgotten. Jeff, if you're still knocking about, there aren't many days that go by in my role as Scoutmaster of Troop 100 that I do not think of you.

Those of my companions who look for a perfect agreement between what I have written and what they remember should stop looking. Life sometimes moves in ways that do nothing to advance the narrative arc, so it is possible that certain things may have been massaged a bit. It's mostly honest though. Cheers fellows.




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  • 6/18/12: Arriving
  • 6/19/12: HQ to Ute Springs camp

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